Rock of Belpasso, May 11, 1999

"Everybody wants peace, but only a few put in into practice, and even less do so in the right way"

My dearest brothers and sisters,

at the end of this century and on the eve of the new millennium, Iíd never have imagined to have to speak to you, who came here on the most solemn day, in which we venerate and honor the Immaculate Heart of Mary Queen of Peace.

After my report of May 11, 1991 and that of October 1, 1993 (*), no further words would have been necessary to explain the events of the last years of this century. But for today the good Lord wanted to provide differently regarding my silence and my hiding. And, if he doesnít provide differently also in the future, I think I understand that, after this report, there wonít be others. Yes, I think that next time the secrets will speak for themselves, but certainly in times still to come, which have been established in advance by Divine Providence.

These last years have been crossed by many, many events that were mostly painful, fatal, full of hate, violence and death. But at the same time Divine Goodness did not delay in consoling his children, and has healed, with the action of the Holy Spirit, the wounds inflicted by the Prince of this world.

But all of this century in general has seen the fight between the Spirit of God and the Prince of the world. Thereís no point in listing all that is still alive in the memory of everybody: the history is known to one and all. And we had better not to forget this history, because he who remembers his past can recognize his own errors, and know how to avoid them and why.

Now we have reached another horror that strikes the dignity and nobility of men of good will: another war, and again hate, violence, destruction and death.

Whoever remembers my second report, in which I said Satan, who has this century at his disposal to inflict suffering against humanity, would rage even more near the end of the time conceded to him, whoever remember these words can understand today what I meant.

But on that occasion I said more: I recalled the message of September 1, 1987, when Our Lady said that, in order to abandon oneself totally to Her Heart, we must "pray, pray a lot, at least three hours daily, recite many rosariesÖ do acts of mortification to avoid wars in the world". I also recalled the message of October 1, 1987, when She said: "So, be prepared, for the time is ripe. If you listen to my maternal counsels, there will be a period of peace, and only prayers will provide purification for your hearts".

Now, as a synthesis of all these messages regarding this essential subject, which is one of the most important, I submit to your attention the message of April 1, 1987: "I remind you of prayer, I desire conversion, peace is necessary... all over the world. What could save you if not peace? The mercy of God will be the occasion for you to ask for pardon, to ask for and obtain peace within yourselves and to reflect it then upon the world, upon your neighbor. I wish, once more, that you consecrate and confide in My Heart. I wish that every praise and glory be raised to the Sacred Heart of my Son, because He has given you resurrection. Do not be afraid of anything, because God is with you, and His goodness will not let you be deprived of anything. His goodness will protect you from evil, but you should always be His humble servants. Dear children, you should give yourselves to God, because there are very serious punishments awaiting mankind" I asked her what we should do, and she replied: "Renounce sin. Prayer is necessary, Holy Communion, penance; desire all this. Love, and the Lord will spread his grace and his mercy upon you, filling your hearts and your souls with peace. I answered back that we do want peace, but She replied: "Desiring is not enough, it is necessary that you put it into practice with your neighbor: love, forgive, pray and there will be peace". There is everything here. All that one wants to know on this peace entrusted to the Immaculate Heart of Mary can be found in this message.

The peace promised and entrusted to Mary is the same peace of the resurrected Christ. Peace is not only the absence of war, but itís something that comes from within us, if we are open to the renewing action of the Holy Spirit. But peace cannot be born in us if our hearts have not been purified from the attachment to sin, hate and violence: and the heart of man must still be purified.

Now, unfortunately, all of the things foretold by the Holy Virgin have come true: but itís also true that in the end her Heart will win over darkness and will triumph: these are also her words. In these days full of sad events, I asked myself why we donít listen to the prophetic words of our dear Mother. Nevertheless, other words from Her come to my mind: "when my Heart triumphs, the Queen of Peace will be honored", and these are also words of hope.

Itís true that we didnít know how to avoid war, using prayer, sacrifices and mortification as the Holy Virgin exhorted us to do. Itís true that we didnít listen to her maternal counsel. Itís true that this war, in the way it came about, has in some way, and only in part, made up for that purification that would have consisted only of prayer, had we listened to the Mother of God. All of these things are true: notwithstanding, peace will come.

Certainly, the time that separates us from this is not yet immune from the evil spirit, who will contrive the most dangerous attempts and temptations to divide and overwhelm humanity: and yet the days of peace are not far away. The day of the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of the Queen of Peace is not far away, but it depends on us too.

The Lord wants to grant us peace through Maryís hands, but those who donít care about peace must shake inside and co-operate to build peace.

This is what Our Lady means when she says "desiring is not enough"; "everybody wants peace, but only a few put it into practice, and even less do so in the right way". To understand this better, it is enough to think of the message of November 23, 1986. In it, our dear Mother tell us that so many thorns have been inflicted on her Heart, and so many others are still inflicted on Her, by means of the errors that they have scattered all over the world. Then Our Lady exclaims: "All nations must be careful, because the powerful hand of God might fall upon them".

"The nations should be careful", says Our Lady, but all men make up nations: so this means that God condemns the means of violence, of war, of destruction, which all men use without exception. For this the Holy Virgin, in the same message, doesnít only ask the conversion of Russia, but also of America and of those states which, even only ideologically, depend on these two big nations.
And, as proof of what I state, itís enough to think of the message of October 1, 1987, which says: "The Lord expects justice and righteousness from His people, and not bloodshed and cries of the oppressed". Therefore one can recognize the people of the Lord by their justice and their honesty. So letís learn and exercise love and forgiveness, letís learn to pray for peace, so that it can come as soon as possible and last always. Letís not forget that, when the war stops, we must still pray and make sacrifices, so that peace is never impeded by the enemies of God and reigns in all the world, even in the smallest and most remote places of the earth, and where it is now most suffocated or in danger. Letís educate ourselves to the peace of Christ, opening ourselves to the action of the Holy Spirit: and the most excellent and fruitful way to obtain this is the Consecration to the Immaculate Heart, which is precisely the dwelling of the Holy Spirit and a perfect school to know, appreciate and experience peace.

The Lord wants us to spread more, to know more and to practice with greater fervor the cult of the Immaculate Heart of his most holy Mother, so that this cult becomes widespread throughout the world, since only few offer sacrifices of reparation and prayer to console this sweetest Heart. And mind you, to do this is the same thing as to work and collaborate for peace.

The Lord wants every nation, every diocese, every parish and every family to consecrate to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, because this will quicken and consolidate peace.

And finally what prayer, what most powerful weapon against the abyss towards which the story of poor mankind is falling could we have to remain strongly tied to this most Sacred Heart, if not the prayer of the Holy Rosary?

There has never been a problem in the world regarding material or spiritual, national or international matter that the Holy Rosary and our sacrifices have not solved. And this mystic sling shot by David is the seal by which the doors of the Hell will be bolted, and the key by which the age of Justice, Love and peace will be opened.

Rosario Toscano

(*)It handles about an oral text in form of exhortation, which Rosario never get down in writing and for this reason, he never confirmed or signed any of the versions, which later circulated.