La Vergine Santa si manifesta a Rosario in casa sua a Catania con tre apparizioni, per così dire preparatorie. Egli vede solo una misteriosa luce e sente una voce di donna che lo esorta a pregare per i peccatori e ad aver fiducia per la malattia virale che lo debilita da parecchi mesi, facendolo assentare molto spesso da scuola.

La malattia del ragazzo e le conseguenti numerose sue assenze alle lezioni inducono i genitori una domenica mattina (4 maggio 1986) a parlare con il preside e con qualche insegnante della scuola retta da religiosi, i Fratelli delle scuole cristiane, dopo la S. Messa che si celebra presso la cappella affinché fossero indulgenti nei riguardi del loro figliolo.

Nell’ultima delle tre apparizioni "preparatorie" la misteriosa voce si rivelerà come l’Immacolata Madre di Dio, e dirà al giovane di recarsi domenica 11 maggio nei dintorni della casa di campagna del suo nonno paterno a Belpasso, per vederla nella sua interezza.

Sunday, May 4, 1986 (Rosario’s home)

I was alone at home waiting for my parents to come back. They had gone to my school, to talk to my teachers about the virus for which I missed lessons so often.
Suddenly, while I was in bed, I had a strange feeling of suffocation: I was afraid.
Something pushed me out of bed. Standing up in my room, I felt better all of a sudden.
Then a strange voice told me:

"You have suffered enough."

I felt a strong shiver going down my spine.
I thought it was something my parents had given me to make my temperature go down.
But a great light burst out from one point in the room, and then the same woman's voice told me that I should pray for sinners, that I should not despair because of the fever, and that I should not say anything about this to anyone.
Curious and frightened, I asked her: "Who are you?"

The White Light answered me:

"I shall tell you who I am when it is the right time."

After these words, the light vanished. I wanted to run away but I didn’t, I don’t know why.

Monday, May 5, 1986 (Rosario’s home)

The light reappeared and told me that it would reappear at other times, but that I must not talk to anyone about it as yet.
I asked her again:
"Who are you?", and the White Light answered me:

"I shall tell you who I am when it is the right time for this."

Then she told me to pray hard.
Having said this, she vanished like the day before.

Wednesday, May 7, 1986 (Rosario’s home)

The White Light appeared again, and told me again to pray.
I insisted: "Who are you? Could you please tell me?"
The White Light answered me:

"Today is the right time for me to tell you who I am. I am Mary the Mother of God, the Immaculate Conception. In a few days' time you may speak about my coming, but only to a few people. If you want to see me, you must recite the Holy Rosary."

Afterwards she explained where I had to go on Sunday May 11, feast of the Ascension of Our Lord. Having said this, she vanished as on the previous occasions.

Thursday, May 8, 1986 (Our Lady did not appear this day)

During lunch, I related everything to my parents, who did not really believe me, my father especially; my mother believed just a little bit more.
Some days after, we told my uncles and some close relatives. Some were more incredulous than others, but all promised to come on May 11 and be present at this event. We also invited some of my cousins: all promised not to speak about it to anyone, because Our Lady had said: "God operates in silence".


Il fondamentale messaggio della 1ª apparizione (11-5-1986) mette in risalto l’importanza della celebrazione eucaristica e della fede, quale dono da custodire e coltivare nella Chiesa e per il futuro della Chiesa, sottolinea poi il valore della preghiera come esperienza della presenza di Dio e quello dell’umiltà come premessa di una vera conversione, presupposti questi di ogni apostolato.

La 2ª apparizione (18-5-1986) pone l’attenzione sulle realtà celesti e pertanto invita, da una parte, ad invocare gli angeli come ministri della gloria di Dio contro le potenze del maligno, dall’altra esorta ad avere una maggior cura verso gli agonizzanti affinché nel loro trapasso dal tempo all’eternità abbiano ogni assistenza spirituale necessaria.

Dalla 3ª apparizione (1-6-1986) alla 11ª (18-9-1986) i nove messaggi sono incentrati sull’azione dello Spirito Santo Amore infuso nei cuori (1-6-1986) e che si manifesta insieme con il Padre e il Figlio nel creato (8-6-1986), tale splendore si esprime innanzitutto e nella forma più alta nel cuore della Vergine Maria (apparizione importantissima del 18-6-1986), ma la S. Vergine vuole aiutarci a far risplendere anche nel cuore dei credenti tale presenza divina iniziata con il battesimo esortandoli a combattere le debolezze e il peccato cui sono soggetti ricordando il sacrificio di Cristo (1-7-1986; 8-7-1986; 18-7-1986) e ad invocare i doni dello Spirito per servirsene meglio (1-9-1986; 6-9-1986) ed essere trasformati nell’amore perfetto del Signore (18-9-1986).

I apparizione

Sunday, May 11, 1986 (Ascension of Our Lord, at the Belpasso rock)

It was 12.30, and my three cousins and I went to search for the place where Our Lady had promised that I would see Her.
Once outside the gate of our villa, we went in the direction of the adjacent wood.
The path we were following curved slowly towards the left, so we came back where we had started.
I looked around, because it seemed useless to me going once again into the wood.
Then I saw far away a beautiful rock, which looked different in color and shape from the others; even its position looked special.
Certain that now this was the place of the apparitions, I started going down the slope that led to the main road, taking my cousins with me.
Crossing the road very carefully (since my cousins are very young) we arrived at the other side of the road, facing a big rocky area.
We started walking once again, this time amongst the bushes; something we had not expected was that the path that went right across this area led to a big open space, in the middle of which was centered the beautiful cubic rock.
Having arrived there, we sat down and waited.
Meanwhile, my uncles and my parents who had remained at home came out on the balcony to see where we were going.
They understood, now, that we had found the spot chosen by Our Lady.
So they made their way there, too: we all prayed together.
It was now 1 P.M. (midday in reality).
The sky was a lovely blue.
I saw a white cloud slowly approaching us, it descended and came to rest very near the rock.
The cloud then started to expand and spread out like a flower: already a strong light radiated, like that that I had seen at my house.
Then I saw a beautiful Lady dressed in white.
On her head she had a white mantle with a golden border; she also had a white sash bordered with gold, she held rosary beads in her folded hands (later, on June18 I saw her with her arms opened wide, and I could see her Immaculate Heart).

The white Lady said

"I bless you, my children. Strengthen your faith by participating, always, but above all wholeheartedly, at the Holy Mass.
Faith is a fruit that should never spoil.
The Church and the Faith must be your present for the future Church.

The less you believe, the more you will suffer.
Pray still more, and with all your heart.
Read the holy Bible often, and you will understand many things about holy life and the holy fear of God.

Good deeds are necessary indeed, but do educate your thoughts as well. Be humble in your thoughts: God blesses humility.
Keep your Lord in your heart, each and every moment.

His presence will always give you strength to enable you to continue on your way and to help you obtain health in soul and in body.
I bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.
I shall come again in 7 days' time."

After a while the cloud began to close and to rise up towards heaven, and Our Lady disappeared.

II apparizione

Sunday, May 18, 1986 - at the rock.

I am with you, my children,
I am among you.
Let me remind you, you pray so little to the angels; you call them to help you very rarely.

They do a lot for you.
They combat evil.
Pray to the legions of angels and the Lord Jesus to fight against evil.
Tell everyone to pray in this manner:

Legions of perfect beings of God: Angels, Archangels, Cherubs, Seraphim, Princes and Angelic Powers, in all your light and in all your majesty with Our Lord at the head, fight the evil that often menaces us. Most perfect beings, beings of goodness, protect humanity from the evil one.

Many souls are not in the grace of God, the sick refuse the sacraments on the point of death; I am giving you a comforting prayer for them, to help them be in the grace of God:

Day and night I believe in You
Day and night I adore You.
Day and night I hope in You.
Day and night I love You.
Day and night I pray to You.
O Jesus, save me, in all your love, take me with You.

Holy Communion is necessary with this prayer.
I know that you have the intention of erecting a chapel one day, but for the moment, I tell you not to do so, for, if a chapel should be erected, I would appreciate it to be in the union of the faithful.
I bless you, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

R.: Blessed Virgin, will you come again?

M.: I will come on the first day of next month.

R.: Blessed Virgin, my mother has asked if you will heal me.

M.: You will be healed in a month's time. I will tell you who I am and I will reveal something to you.

III apparizione

Sunday, June 1, 1986, at the rock.

My love is with you and in you, my children.
The Holy Spirit, the gift of the Lord will be spread upon you by means of prayer and will accompany you, will help you, will guide you and will teach you whatever you should do.
He will be your guiding light, the lighthouse for your eyes, the revealer of truth and of love, the mirror of infinite justice, the way to salvation, the ark of love, the bridge to eternal life.
Give thanks to the Holy Spirit now and for ever, for permitting you, by simply invoking Him, to choose the right way, and to see in others - your neighbors - Jesus, your Lord and Master, the one who spreads salvation, truth and love.

R. - Blessed Virgin, when will you come again?

M. - I will come next Sunday, go on praying, pray a lot, trust in Me.
I bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Remember, I am always with you.

IV apparizione

Sunday, June 8, 1986, at the rock.

My children, I am happy with your prayers and so is my Son Jesus, who will save you if you will continue to love what is good.
Remember that there are other people too. It would be a good thing if you pray for them, but that is not enough: encourage them to pray - because God is in prayer - and talk with the Holy Trinity: they are three distinct persons, but only one.
He lives in love: God is the bearer, the savior and the donor.

He bears: He bears His message of love to you by giving you life.
He saves: He saves you by means of His Son Jesus.
He donates: He donates to you, by means of the Holy Spirit, His seven Holy Gifts.
Contemplate the wonders of God's love, the perfection of the universe: and in all this greatness you will find God.... the God of love.
Very often you forget that what is around you has been granted to you by God; we are all His creatures.
I thank Him on your behalf too, when you forget to do so: and this happens too often.

But do not be afraid, because, in His infinite goodness, He forgives you, for He knows that your love is imperfect.

R. - Blessed Virgin, will you come on the 18 of this month?

M. - I will come and I will reveal to you certain things.
My dear children, do your utmost in prayer this month; pray and participate in Holy Mass. Holy Communion is important to enable you to receive the food of eternal life.
I bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

  Rosario precisa in una sua testimonianza che bisogna sottintendere "unica nella sostanza". Inoltre, spiega che anche le successive insolite espressioni vanno interpretate, e a maggior ragione considerando che nelle prime apparizioni egli non metteva subito per iscritto ciò che aveva udito.

Tuesday, June 17, 1986, at home.

During these last days my temperature went up more than usual: 38°, so much so that I remained in bed, and my parents almost lost faith in the words Our Lady said regarding my health.
We remained awake from ten to midnight, and my temperature was always 38°.
By this time, I began to feel a great deal of heat and I sweated.
My temperature was going down.
At about five past midnight, (it was therefore the next day, June 18) my temperature was taken again by my parents, who were still diffident.
I accused them of having little faith; my temperature had gone to 36,4°.
This was a sign for everyone to see, and the next day I woke up in very good health, ready to go to Our Lady, especially to thank her.

V apparizione

Wednesday, 18 June 1986, at the rock.

My dear children, I am glad to have your prayers, they are very useful for your souls.
Continue to pray for the conversion of the world.

This is what I say to the world: convert and do so in the name of Jesus.
It is already too late now; there is no more time for taking care of the body.
Think of purifying your souls, go to Jesus in the Holy Eucharist: He is your salvation.
Many men with their superficiality and lust for greatness offend the Lord.
Who is like God? No one is like God.
The men of little faith and the atheists must pay attention: the real blissful life is in heaven.
Do not think that God does not exist.
God has always been and will always be, forever, and He has created you as an act of love, mercy and goodness.
So, adore Him, praise Him and glorify Him, pray to Him to grant you the grace of enjoying the eternal reward, and promise Him faith, humility and prayer.
Do all this in His name and for His greater glory.

R. - Blessed Virgin, I thank you for having cured me.

M. - Sufferings are thorns, but if offered to Jesus they are roses.
There is no need to grumble, because Jesus has suffered more than anyone else, and He complained so little.
Jesus grants you His love when you offer Him the humiliations that you receive.
Jesus offers you His love when you offer Him the insults that you receive.

Offer to Jesus every bad deed you receive, and tell Him that it is for the sake of His love that you receive it, and that you offer it to Him for the conversion of sinners, and that in Him you find comfort.

R. - Blessed Virgin, you promised that you would reveal certain things to me. Under which title do you present yourself?

M. - I am the Queen of Peace, and I wish to reveal my love to the world.
My heart is very sad, and I want to use you to make known the Immaculate Heart of the Queen of Peace.
Truly, I will not promise you a carpet of roses in this world....

As these words were said, Our Lady unfolded her hands, and stretched her right arm forward with the rosary in her hand as if she was inviting us to prayer, while she bent the left hand as a sign of protection.
From the center of our Lady's bosom there came out a great beam, and then I saw our Lady's Heart surrounded by many thorns all entangled as in a bush.
I was immersed in that light and I could contemplate the Virgin's love.

In seven days' time it will be my feast.
Trust in my Immaculate Heart that will never abandon you.

I bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

R. - Blessed Virgin, when will you come again?

M. - I will come on the first day of next month... now I must go.

VI apparizione

Tuesday, July 1, 1986, at the rock.

I am beside you, my children.
May your soul magnify the Lord, praise His marvelous creation.
I bring you the peace of the Lord. Peace be with you, and through you may peace be radiated to the world, and may it radiate out of the hearts of all human beings.

Pray so that the world will have the gift of love and may love always reign according to the wish of the Holy Trinity.
May the Holy Angels come and reign and win upon evil and may evil disappear: but prayer is necessary.
Continue to recite the Rosary.
Always offer your sufferings to God. Offering them means receiving grace and being worthy of salvation. It means drawing nearer to God and being reconciled with Him.
I bless you now and forever in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.
May God's Love and Peace be with you always.

R. - Blessed Virgin, when will you come again?

M. - I will come again in seven days' time.

VII apparizione

Tuesday, July 8, 1986, at the rock.

Today I see that our Lady is sorrowful and has tears in her eyes.

R. - Why are you crying?

M. - I cry because my Son cries, I cry because my children gratify my Son's enemy.
Men have no regard for the blood shed by my Son on the cross.
Whoever is in sin and wishes to have mercy and forgiveness from his Savior must repent and ask for absolution of his sins from my Son's ministers.
Do hear His messages of love, which can be read not only in the Gospel, but also from the Cross: love Him, do tell Him that you are not deaf to His call.

I wish you to recite many and many "Our Fathers".
I wish to lead you to salvation.
Trust in Me and run into my arms, because I bring you immediately to God.
Make yourselves servants of the Lord and tell Him to do with you whatever He wants.
He is pleased with the love of His people, be His apostles. I wish to give this prayer to the priests who are very great apostles.

I am the Mother of the Church and the Queen of Confessors of the Faith: it is therefore right that, as a mother, I help them.
Here is your servant, here is my love.
Here is your apostle, the one who brings You to the others.
Here is the peace that I want to bring.
Here is the light, the light of love.
Here is the love that I want to give.
Here is the apostle, the servant at every moment, of God the almighty Father.
Look, I have Jesus in my heart, I want to bring many others to Jesus.
Here is the apostle of Divine Love, Jesus give me your light throughout my long way.

I bless you, now and forever in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.
The love and the peace of the Lord our God be with you always, and may it remain with you forever, through Christ our Lord.

May the Holy Spirit enlighten all the priests.

R. - Blessed Virgin, will you continue to come? And when will you come again?

M. - I will come in 10 days time. Always pray and trust in Me, in my Heart and in Jesus, and enclose yourselves in His most Sacred Heart.

VIII apparizione

Friday, July 18, 1986, at the rock.

Even this time I see that Our Lady is sorrowful and has tears in her eyes.

I cry together with my Son.
How can I console Him in this grief? He is full of sorrow. Jesus is still suffering for the love of you, but what are you doing for His sake if you love Him?

I am sorrowful and cry for poor humanity, for my dear Son Jesus who is still being offended.
What do we ask? Nothing except fraternal love.
There is no price, but the reward of a peaceful and a joyous life: the soul's salvation.

The Redeemer cries and will continue to cry because of your sins, because you care so little about goodness, and so much about evil.
Do not care so much for your bodily welfare: instead try to progress in spiritual life.

R. - Blessed Virgin, do not cry, talk to humanity of your love.

M. - Mine is a love living in you.
I love you so much and I wish that you would dedicate every little or great act of love to Jesus for His glorification.
We request so little, as long as it is love and total abandon to us.

You are my children, so do not think that I am going to abandon you.
You are free to choose, mine is only an invitation to the straight and narrow path.
God loves you so much, but you do not understand Him.

God is almighty, God is kind, God is merciful, but He does not always intervene on the earth, otherwise you would not be free, but you would be conditioned and forced to obey.
He wishes to have souls who have liberally chosen the right way.

I only come to help you: I am your Mother.
Always be careful to avoid temptation, and fight against evil in the name of God, so He will be glorified and proclaimed the victor over evil.

I wish so much that your prayers will be redoubled in these days for peace in the world and for the mission of the ministers of God, to be enlightened by the Holy Spirit.
I bless you in the name of the most Holy Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

R. - Blessed Virgin, when will you come again?

M. - I will not come the first day of next month, but of the one after. Go and live according to love.

IX apparizione

Monday, September 1, 1986, at the rock.

My children, may God be with you, and make sure that God will also be with those who do not yet have Him in them.
He who does not have God in him has a great need of possessing Him.
Without God there is nothing for him to look for in this world and to bring to Our world: for without the power of the Holy Spirit there is nothing in man.
He, who looks for values upon this earth, should remember that at the end he could take nothing with him: only his soul will matter and only that will be judged.
Do not forget that all you do, good or evil, will be weighed up.

R. - Blessed Virgin, is there anything you wish from us?

M. - I wish you would ask for the gifts of the Holy Spirit. I will explain to you the importance of these gifts, so that you can make better use of them.
Seven are the gifts of the Holy Spirit but these reveal others that are just as important: Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel, Fortitude, Knowledge, Piety, and Holy Fear of God.
The first three form a solidly rooted tree.
Wisdom finds its origin in the Holy Bible, it is the fountain of truth, a gift of God.

All that you wish to know of God's will for His children, you will obtain it by means of the Holy Spirit.
Understanding: many think they possess it, but in truth only the Holy Spirit can awaken this gift and make it His will, a will of love.
Counsel is a consequence of the first two gifts, all that you have within you by means of the Holy Spirit will be the counsel dictated to you by God.
Always remember to invoke the Holy Spirit.

Meditate upon my words, your eyes will be opened.
I will lead you to the way of love, I will guide you with an excellent light, and I will bring you to the excellent house: that of the Lord.
I bless you in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy I must go.

R. - Blessed Virgin, will you continue to come? And when will you come again?

M. - I will come within five days.
Try to open your hearts to my dear Son Jesus and receive Him in Holy Communion, purify yourselves and always form part of His flocks.
His most Sacred Heart burns for you, be His worthy soldiers in the battle against evil.

X apparizione

Saturday, September 6, 1986, at the rock.

My children, peace be with you.
Humanity must eliminate rancor and hate from its heart.
My love will bring peace to your hearts.
Peace is the way for a better melting of those hearts by now hardened by rancor and hate.

I wish to throw some light upon the remaining gifts of the Holy Spirit.
Fortitude and Knowledge follow one another.
Fortitude: moral strength is the gift that permits you to bear suffering with pious firmness.
Knowledge is the synthesis of all the gifts, the light for the doubtful.
Piety: propagates faith and kindness, is near, above all, to the missionaries, it spreads prayers.
If the Holy Gifts of the Holy Spirit are not radiated by the Holy fear of God, they have no value.

The Holy fear of God is respect towards the Most Holy Trinity, because it is the Father who loves you and He loves you by means of His Son who saves you and by means of the Holy Spirit who sanctifies you.
I bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Now I must go.

R. - Blessed Virgin, when will you come again?

M. - I will come in 12 days' time.

XI apparizione

Thursday, September 18, 1986, at the rock.

My children, today I wish to remind you of penance: offer it for the conversion of poor sinners.
I invite you not to judge your fellow men. Beware, for only one judge cannot err. God is infinite justice.

I wish that nobody would say that he has never sinned, because in saying this he errs and therefore sins.
Remember the parable of the Pharisee and the Publican concerning this.

R. - Blessed Virgin, can I ask you something? What is heaven like?

M. - It is impossible to describe something that does not belong to this world. Love in heaven is immense. Infinite is the love of God.
Jesus looks for sinners, He invites them and He accepts them back as long as they repent, so He can pardon them.
His Heart is open to everyone, so that everyone can know His love.

I wish to indicate to humanity the way to heaven, in the perfect love of the Lord.
Peace comes from love. Learn how to love each other, but, above all, forgive each other, and have childlike hearts so that you will be worthy of God: love, love, love, always given to God.

R. - Blessed Virgin, do you wish anything else from us?

M. - I wish you would continue to recite the rosary; and may the Holy Gospel, the Word of God, be read often.
I wish that it would be impressed on your minds, that it would become your word, but, above all, that it would be written in your hearts... now I must go.

R. - Blessed Virgin, will you continue to come?

M. - I will continue to come.

R. - And when will you come again?

M. - I will not come during next month, but during the one after, for the feast of Christ the King. You will not bring with you what you have brought the other times. You may tell someone of my apparitions as long as he is a believer.
I bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. May the Father be in your minds, the Son in your hearts and the Holy Spirit in your souls.

 Dalla 12ª apparizione (23-11-1986) alla 18ª (1-4-1987) i sette messaggi, denunciando le strutture di peccato presenti nel mondo odierno ed evidenziandone le conseguenze richiamano da una parte l’attenzione sul destino prossimo dell’umanità (da recenti divulgazioni si apprende che Rosario già dal 1999 si era premurato ad avvisare il suo Vescovo, ed anche il popolo di Dio, circa i pericoli incombenti a causa della strada oscura che le nazioni del mondo hanno intrapreso; ciò ha avuto esito nel presente periodo storico segnato da vari eccidi terroristici, infatti a tal proposito Rosario confidò pure al suo Vescovo e al suo padre spirituale che la Ss. Vergine richiamò l’attenzione verso quella parte del mondo detta "mezzaluna fertile", oggi chiamato Medio Oriente, e gli rivelò che da questo crocevia delle tre grandi religioni monoteiste diffusesi nel mondo, per reazione a complesse strutture di peccato si sarebbero originate e propagate anche erronee ideologie, e che il desiderio di sopraffazione e prevaricazione da parte di alcuni popoli contro altri avrebbe fatto nascere e diffondere in tutto il mondo nuove inquietudini e sofferenze anche per i figli e i tesori spirituali della Chiesa).

D’altra parte vi è il richiamo sul destino ultimo della nostra esistenza (le visioni simboliche dell’inferno, del purgatorio e del paradiso), e vengono mostrati i mezzi (la consacrazione al Cuore Immacolato di Maria e al Sacro Cuore di Gesù vissuta nella preghiera e nell’offerta dei propri sacrifici) per ottenere ciò che di buono il futuro può riservare e per evitare ciò che di negativo esso potrebbe prospettare.

XII apparizione

Sunday, November 23, 1986, feast of Christ the King, at the rock.

According to what the Blessed Virgin told Rosario, this is the first occasion in which few people, outside of relatives of the young man, attended the apparition.

At the end Rosario, moved and sad, went away quickly: the Blessed Virgin revealed a particular vision to be kept secret for some time, together with the message. For this reason in the previous apparition the Blessed Virgin had ordered Rosario not to bring anything which he usually brought with him (a small tape-recorder with which Rosario recorded the messages he had heard).

My children, today I particularly invite you to let Jesus Christ and His word reign in your hearts, because peace reigns wherever the Lord reigns.
Your families must be little oasis of peace, they must be a little sign of the future coming of the reign of Jesus Christ.
But the reign of Jesus will come by means of me; my Heart must triumph and then there will be the final and great triumph of the Heart of Jesus.

Therefore my children, those who are really mine should enter into the secure refuge of my Heart.
The world is overflowing with injustice, with oppression and with sin.
The nations of the world depend upon the two superpowers, but they are all wrong.
In America and in the countries that depend upon it, too much liberalism has allowed sin to be permitted; indifference towards the needy that are dying of hunger and hardship has become a necessary thing.

In Russia and in the states depending upon Russia, there is too much constraint, hunger and persecution against the Church, and all this has nearly reduced man to the level of an insignificant animal. How many thorns have been inflicted on my Heart, and how many others men are still inflicting on me, by means of the errors which they have scattered all over the world.
All nations must be careful, because the powerful hand of God might fall upon them.
For this reason I wish that not only Russia converts and will be consecrated to my Immaculate Heart (this will soon happen), but that America also convert.

May the reign of the Lord Jesus Christ come soon and bring about an era of justice, charity and peace.

The Blessed Virgin, hands joined in prayer, emitted a beam of very intense light through which was revealed to Rosario a particular vision of how horrible the sins of pride and arrogance are. These are the origins of all the other sins, and those which sadden the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary the most.

M.: Do not repeat anything which you have seen and heard. Do so only when you will be told to reveal it. You will remember the words.
May the Holy Gospel, the word of God, be in your minds, be your word, and, above all, may it be written in your hearts.

R. - Blessed Virgin, do you wish anything else from us?

M. - No, nothing else for today. Go and live according to the Gospel, doing good.
My blessing be with you: in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.
The Father in your minds, the Son in your hearts, the Holy Ghost in your souls... now I must go.

R. - Blessed Virgin, will you continue to come?

M. - I will continue to come.

R. - And when will you come again?

M. - I will come the first day of next month. You will come only with your mother; do not bring other persons. You will recite the Rosary with Me.


XIII apparizione

Monday, December 1, 1986, at the rock.

Our Lady invited me to recite the Holy Rosary with her. I accepted.
Our Lady began by making the sign of the cross.
She kept the cross of her rosary upon her Immaculate Heart with her right hand, while she counted the beads with her left hand.

R. - Oh God, come and save me; oh Lord, make haste to help me.

M. - Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning is now and forever, world without end. Amen.

The first joyful mystery: The Angel Gabriel announced to me that I should conceive a Son by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Our Lady recites the first part of the Our Father, Rosario the second.

R. - Ten Hail Mary’s.

M. - Glory be...

R. - O my Jesus, forgive us our sins......

M. - The second joyful mystery: I visited Saint Elizabeth.

Our Lady recites the first part of the Our Father, Rosario the second.

R. - Ten Hail Mary’s.

M. - Glory be...

R. - Oh my Jesus....

M. - The third joyful mystery: Jesus was born: and the Word was made flesh and dwelt amongst us.

Our Lady recites the first part of the Our Father, Rosario the second.

R. - Ten Hail Mary’s.

M. - Glory be...

R. - Oh my Jesus...

M. - The fourth joyful mystery: I presented Jesus at the temple, a prophet announced to me that a sword would pierce my Heart.

Our Lady recites the first part of the Our Father, Rosario the second.

R. - Ten hail Mary’s.

M. - Glory be...

R. - Oh my Jesus...

M. - The fifth joyful mystery: after three days' searching I found Jesus amongst the doctors of the law.

Our Lady recites the first part of the Our Father, Rosario the second.

R. - Ten Hail Mary’s.

M. - Glory be...

R. - Oh my Jesus... 1 Our Father, 1 Hail Mary, 1 Glory be, Hail Holy Queen.
Recitation of the Litany.

Blessed Virgin, I thank you for this lovely recitation of the rosary.

M. - This will be the last of our frequent meetings.

R. - Blessed Virgin, will you continue to come?

M. - I will continue to come.

R. - And when will you come again?

M. - I will come within 7 days. On that day you will not be alone. I will come less frequently and I will announce to the people of God, the way of love.

XIV apparizione

The Virgin Mary again gave him permission to have other people be present, but the seer wrote the message a long time afterward, to maintain silence regarding that which the Mother of the Lord personally asked him and that which was revealed in another vision. Both things regard the co- participation in the redemptive suffering of Jesus for the salvation of sinners, for the benefit of the Church and for the good and the mission of the Church itself.

Monday, December 8, 1986, feast of the Immaculate Conception, at the rock.

My children, I have brought you together in this place to remind you not to lose yourselves in sin, not to yield to temptation that keeps you bound to human pettiness.
Do not forget that Jesus died to carry upon Himself the sins of the world and to redeem you.
In your innermost hearts, ask yourselves how you have given thanks for such a great sacrifice made by Jesus.
The Lord is faithful to His covenant, while you get distracted and forget it; you remember it only in moments of need or at the last minute.

Very often Jesus is left abandoned and almost forgotten in certain Tabernacles of the altar.
But He, in His infinite mercy, promises assistance on the point of death, by means of the most Holy Sacraments, to whomever every first Friday of the month, for nine consecutive months, will confess and receive Holy Communion.

I wish that all my children will come with Me to heaven, so I also promise to assist on the point of death all those who every first Saturday of the month, for five consecutive months, will confess and receive Holy Communion, will recite the rosary and will keep me company for a quarter of an hour meditating the 15 mysteries of the rosary, with the aim of offering Me reparation.
Fast for the conversion of sinners and as a sign of penance.
May the Holy Gospel, the Word of God, be in your minds, be your word but, above all, may it be written in your hearts.

R.: Holy Mother, do you want anything else from us?

M.: Would you be willing to offer yourself to God, accepting with faith all that He will permit to happen to you for His glory and for the salvation of sinners?

R: Yes.

Then the White Lady, hands joined in prayer, emitted from them a very intense light which revealed a particular vision to the young man. Then the Virgin followed with:

M.: Entrust your life to our Sacred Hearts, and you will have every consolation.
Abandon yourselves to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and to my Immaculate Heart.
Consecrate your families to Our Hearts, they will bring peace to your souls.

I bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. The Father in your minds, the Son in your hearts, the Holy Spirit in your souls... now I must go.

R. - Blessed Virgin, will you continue to come?

M. - I will continue to come.

R. - And when will you come again?

M. - I will come the first day of next month.

XV apparizione

January 1, 1987, at the rock

People have already started to assemble around Rosario.
Approximately a 1,000 people had come to know about what was happening and were present for the apparition. The youth, after receiving the message, wrote it down on a paper. The message was then spread by means of photocopies.
The Blessed Virgin presented Herself as the "Queen of Peace", and asked for conversion and love towards Jesus.


I am the "Regina della Pace", Regina Pacis, Kralice Mira, Reine de la Paix, the Queen of Peace, Königin des Friedens: I am Mary, the Mother of God. I wish you would enter My Heart with a lot of humility and a lot of love, I wish you would recite the Rosary every day, I wish you would receive Holy Communion and go to Confession in order to always be more worthy of the love of Christ.
Great is my Son's grief, because this new year will be the same as the others, there will be more sins, there will be more outrages even against the Church.
May the Holy Father be offended no more, for He is already greatly offended; but, above all, Jesus is tormented by the sins of the world.
Offer reparation with your prayers, but offer them wholeheartedly and with hope in God, with hope in His coming.
Bless the most Holy Trinity now and forever, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, for propagating love and peace in your hearts.
I always ask you for loyalty to My Heart and for the conversion of the world; and, above all, may the world be consecrated to the most Sacred Heart of my Son and to Mine: only our Love will bring you peace.
Often say the prayer to the Holy wounds of Jesus, because with His sacrifice on the Cross, He has given you another life. He has given you life, the only eternal life. Jesus asks for your love and comes with mercy; he who does not want His mercy will have Him as a judge.
Always bear love in your hearts, always be more worthy of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Take the words of the Gospel along the streets, in your families and in the entire world, because the only light the only life and the way is my Son, the Redeemer, the Savior; He triumphs over the powers of hell forever and ever. Besides I want to remind you to invoke the Holy Spirit, because it is right that all men should have a really faithful companion, a spiritual companion that could give you the life of the spirit in the love of Christ. Do listen to me, for I am your Mother and I know you invoke Him so little. I will grant peace to humanity only when there will be the triumph of my Heart and that of my Son.
May the Holy Gospel - the word* of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit - be always in your minds, may it be your word, but above all may it be written in your hearts.

R. - Blessed Virgin, will you continue to come?

M. - I will continue to come and I do all this for you, in order to save my dearest children.

R. - And when will you come again?

M. - I will come the first day of next month.

Rosario asks certain personal questions to Our Lady and asks Her to give a sign.

M. - I will give a sign as a proof of my apparitions. May you always be blessed in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.
May the Father always be in your minds, the Son in your hearts, the Holy Spirit in your souls.
Remember, My Heart will triumph.

After Our Lady had ascended to heaven, the sun began to move changing color, (red, green, and blue), doubling itself and reflecting the various colors upon people and things.

* (By "word" is intended the word of the Gospel, not the Word of God, Jesus Christ).

XVI apparizione

February 1, 1987, at the rock

The news of the apparition was still barely known. At Belpasso, few people were aware of this event. During the apparition, exactly at noon, there were about 2,000 people around the "rock". The majority came from Catania and from the nearest centers of the province. Many of these affirmed that, during the moments of Rosario's dialogue with the Blessed Virgin, a shower of silver threads extended from the sun's sphere and then covered the earth around the site.


I am the Queen of Peace: Peace to men of good will.
The God of Peace is amongst you, the Son, the Redeemer is amongst you. Glory be to God in the highest heaven: in the name of Christ I come and bring you peace.
I wish you would recite the Rosary every day; that you would receive Holy Communion; that you would confess. Make reparation to the Sacred Heart of my Son, who is very offended. I come to you in the name of Christ. May the light of my Heart be reflected from your hearts, because the souls of my children are very much in need of peace.
My children, I come to you to teach you the real love of Christ. Dedicate yourselves wholeheartedly to the holy teachings that I, according to the will of Jesus Christ, wish to infuse in you, in your souls, in your hearts. You will begin to construct your eternal life from this place. Build up your love by listening to Jesus, my dear Son, in this place; build up your eternal life because this life is so empty of love for Christ. Try to fill this emptiness with your prayers. Do listen to me, my children. Rely absolutely upon me, be more open in your prayers. Do realize that when you are praying you are talking to God.
You must be whole heartedly immersed in prayer: only in this way God can listen to you.


After a while, Our Lady opened her hands, one near the other.
Out of the palms of her hands an intense light came out and fell to the earth in front of me, where I was kneeling; I looked, and saw that the earth had split open. In that sort of deep ditch I saw a sea of fire, in which persons were immersed, burning and groaning: their color varied from charcoal to bronze. There were animals, also, of an unknown species, not existing on this earth. Afraid, I raised my eyes up towards Our Lady, and told Her: "Blessed Virgin, save them!"

Our Lady replied:
"These are the souls in hell, they are the ones who not only have forgotten God, but offended Him, indifferent to Jesus and His Laws".


Beneath Our Lady's feet there was a cloud, which opened. Inside, I saw many souls dressed in many shades of brown: from the darkest to the lightest. There were great expectations and many prayers, especially prayers of petition. Very far away there was a beautiful light; all the souls wanted to get close to it, especially those who were dressed in light brown. Then, the cloud closed.

Our Lady said:
"These are the souls in purgatory, where the majority of Christians go; they need your prayers before they can enjoy the vision of the Lord."


High up in the sky, above Our Lady's head, I saw many souls, all dressed in bright and spotless white: their faces emitted light and they were full of joy. They were all singing praise and glory to God.
Upon these happy souls there was an immense light coming down from above, and that same light was reflected on them.
That was the light of God. Then everything vanished.

Our Lady said:
"These are the souls in heaven, they are the ones who really merited the vision of the Lord. Alas, only a few souls go to heaven.*
Every one will be judged by God, infinite justice, but this is the time of mercy: all souls can be saved through the Love of God which sanctifies every man. Non siate increduli, incostanti e indifferenti. Se accoglierete questo amore che il mio Cuore vuol portare a voi, tutti otterrete pace e consolazione.

When you recite the Rosary, after every decade and Glory be, add these words full of praise: O Lord my God, who by means of the Holy Spirit spread your Holy love upon the Church, shorten our pain in purgatory and render us ever more worthy of the vision of heaven. O my Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fire of hell, especially those most needy of your mercy.
Many ask for graces, but until you learn how to open yourselves totally to Me, to My Heart, and to God, I cannot grant them to you; if you will lift yourself up, if you will raise up your soul to God with all your heart to the point that you forget your physical needs, then grace will be given to you. Try to follow my teachings with more attention, meditate upon the word of the Holy Gospel and take it throughout the whole world: may it become the word of all men.
My Heart and that of my Son are pierced by sin up to this day. 0ffer atonement. Your Mother asks you this, desirous of peace in the world.
May you always be blessed in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. May the Father be in your minds, the Son in your hearts, the Holy Spirit in your souls. May the Holy Gospel be in your minds, may it be your word, but above all may it be written in your hearts. Now I must go."

R. - Blessed Virgin, will you continue to come?

M. - I will continue to come.

R. - And when will you come again?

M. - I will come the first day of next month.
One day, many will become aware of my Son's Divine Power and all this will happen when My Heart will triumph.

* ...... a few souls go to heaven." That means that only a few will go directly.

XVII apparizione

March 1, 1987, at the rock

On the first day of this month, the first big crowd was recorded.
There were approximately 30,000 people crowding around the rock, and scattered all around it. Everyone expected to see a definite sign that would prove the Blessed Virgin's presence. It was cloudy with scattered showers. But, just before noon, the rain stopped and the sun peeped out various times through the thick clouds. Many of the people present said that they had seen the sun spin around, and silvery rays shine in the sky.


My children, I have come to warn you.
My children, my warning is bound up with your salvation.
My children, open your hearts, I want to snatch you from evil. You often fall into temptations that the evil one presents to you every day.
My children, my Son calls you but you are deaf to His call. My Son is always with you, but you are blind. What reason do you think I come to you for?
You know you need to pray especially during this period. Open your hearts, be joyful for the love that Jesus grants you, and do realize what you are renouncing. Understand all this and pray!

R. - Blessed Virgin, I beg you, perform a miracle for the people who need your help.

M. - To all those who desire graces say this: firmly believe in your healing, resort right away to Holy Communion and to prayer. I invite you, once more, to reflect and look around you. See what happens in the world: aren’t prayer and conversion necessary?
Pray, always pray. Peace...Peace...Peace! I confide important secrets to you: do not reveal them to anybody.

[Our Lady revealed 12 secrets to me: 2 of them were personal, while 10 referred to the future of mankind.]

R. - Blessed Virgin, will you continue to come?

M. - I will continue to come.

R. - And when will you come again?

M. - I will come the first day of next month... now I must go.

R. - Blessed Virgin, I beg you, give a last message to all mankind.

M. - Be converted....soon, there is not much time left; pray for peace in the world. May the Holy Gospel, the Word of God, always be in your minds, be your word, but above all may it be written in your hearts.
I bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit: the Father in your minds, the Son in your hearts, the Holy Spirit in your souls.

XVIII apparizione

April 1, 1987 - at the rock

From early morning, the usual enormous crowd of visitors had started to gather at the site. The local group of volunteers was doing their utmost to welcome the pilgrims and keep them in order, especially the sick who arrived in great numbers from different parts of Sicily.
In the morning before the apparition, Rosario Toscano announced his choice of spiritual director. It was Father Dino Magnano, of St. Philip Neri Oratory at Acireale. Everyone had expected him to be Rosario's choice, because the two of them shared the same profound spirituality, though they had known each other only for a short time.
According to many witnesses, during this apparition, as in the previous ones, various solar prodigies were evident.


My children, I come here among you because I love you and wish to save you. The prodigal son must return to the Father, to be in His Grace.
The commemoration of the Resurrection of Christ the Lord is nearing, and therefore I remind you of fasting, of abstinence and of Holy Mass: confess, receive Holy Communion. The Lord is infinite goodness and mercy, so I invite you to praise Him because it is the day of the Lord.
My children, I once more recommend fasting, so that Holy Easter will not be a day when your overloaded tables remain cold and indifferent towards your neighbors who live in poverty. Instead, may this day fill your hearts with love, joy and praise to the Lord.
I remind you of prayer, I desire conversion, peace is necessary... all over the world.
What could save you if not peace? The mercy of God will be the occasion for you to ask for pardon, to ask for and obtain peace within yourselves and to reflect it then upon the world, upon your neighbor.
I wish, once more, that you consecrate and confide in My Heart.
I wish that every praise and glory be raised to the Sacred Heart of my Son, because He has given you resurrection. Do not be afraid of anything, because God is with you, and His goodness will not let you be deprived of anything. His goodness will protect you from evil, but you should always be His humble servants. Dear children, you should give yourselves to God, because there are very serious punishments awaiting mankind.

R. - Blessed Virgin, what should we do?

M. - Renounce sin. Prayer is necessary, Holy Communion, penance, and desire all this. Love, and the Lord will spread his grace and his mercy upon you, filling your hearts and your souls with peace.

R. - Blessed Virgin, but we do wish to have peace.

M. - Desiring it is not enough, it is necessary that you put it into practice with your neighbor: love, forgive, pray and there will be peace. Praise the Lord for what He gives you, contemplate the wonders of His great and boundless love. Do not look for anything else, but rather propagate the love of Jesus by preaching and living the Holy Gospel, the Word of God: may it be in your minds, may it be your word, but above all may it be written in your hearts.
I bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. The Father in your minds, the Son in your hearts, the Holy Spirit in your souls... now I must go.

R. - Blessed Virgin, will you continue to come?

M. - I will continue to come, if God will permit me.

R. - And when will you come again?

M. - I will come the first day of next month. But you, nevertheless, pray.....pray.

 Dalla 19ª apparizione (1-5-1987) alla 24ª (1-10-1987) i 6 messaggi sottolineano l’aspetto cultuale da stabilire:

a) sia alla Roccia di Belpasso: la Cappella per la celebrazione eucaristica (1-5-87); la processione e adorazione eucaristica (1-6-87); la celebrazione del Rito della Penitenza (1-7-87);

b) sia nelle proprie comunità, facendo riferimento agli aspetti cultuali che il messaggio di Belpasso richiama: la preghiera intima di ogni giovedì della settimana durante la Santa Comunione nella propria parrocchia per intercedere per la conversione dei poveri peccatori e l’ora santa di adorazione dedicata a Gesù-Eucaristia (1-8-87); l’apostolato della preghiera, della carità solidale, e quello del sacrificio (1-9-87); il maggior approfondimento dell’apostolato della sofferenza redentiva e le indicazioni a vivere nello spirito di preghiera con alcuni suggerimenti e mezzi per meglio attuarli (1-10-87; 7-10-1987).

XIX apparizione

May 1, 1987, at the rock

The crowd was excessive, there were over 50,000 people present.
The organization of the local volunteers including the "Misericordia", together with the police force, succeeded to keep order in the big flow of people.
When Rosario Toscano, soon after receiving the message, read an extract from it, the polemic started. Standing near the rock, he read out the Virgin Mary's wish that a chapel would be built in Her honor.
Many of those present began talking of speculation. The press confirmed this supposition with a strong journalistic campaign.
However, later on, this proved to be unfounded. Nevertheless, during the following days, people continued to gather around the rock, and to pray devoutly as before.
Regarding the testimonies of this day, many people affirmed that they saw a golden cloud resting on the rock, while a white dove disappeared in the sun after it had fluttered round the rock.


My children, let us thank God for still permitting me to come here among you to speak to you and to bring to your hearts the peace which mankind needs so badly. God does so much for you, and will fill you with His Grace if you will persevere in prayer, in penance, in fasting, and in being fully present with your hearts at Holy Mass: confess, and receive Holy Communion.
I wish you would feel the need to sanctify your souls. There are too many sins with which Jesus is offended. Be more open with your hearts, love God. May your soul magnify the Lord, and may your spirit exult in God your Savior. His mercy is extended upon those who fear Him and are humble of heart. He disperses the proud and overthrows the powerful.
My children, be humble of heart; always have holy fear of God.
The mercy of God is infinite, but God is also infinite justice. God is with you, amongst you. The Lord is your shepherd, and you lack nothing but be of His true flock.
The way of the Lord is love and peace. Are you always willing to follow Him? God has the Church, the Church is your guide, the Lord is your shepherd and His ministers are His instruments.

R. - Blessed Virgin, some people do not follow God any more, because they say that He has abandoned us during this period.

M. - Trust in the Lord and He will turn to you. Very often you get discouraged in the adversities you have to face, but, if you have to bear some suffering, hope that the Lord will give you strength to bear it, and offer it to Him for the conversion of sinners. God has helped you many times, but you have lost hope.

R. - Blessed Virgin, what should we do?

M. - Always be ready to receive the missions and the sufferings that God has entrusted to you, and fulfill them according to His will. Do not search, in vain, to understand His will, for great are the works of the Lord. The Holy Gospel the Word of God is your guide: may it be in your minds, be your word, but above all may it be written in your hearts.

R. - Blessed Virgin, do you wish anything else?

M. - I wish that you will continue to recite the Rosary, and ask the priests to build, according to God's will, a chapel in my honor and to make known the devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Queen of Peace.
I bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. The Father in your minds, the Son in your hearts, the Holy Spirit in your souls.. now I must go.

R. - Blessed Virgin, will you continue to come?

M. - I will continue to come.

R. - And when will you come again?

M. - I will come the first day of next month.

XX apparizione

June 1, 1987, at the rock

In spite of the first summer heat, a crowd of about 50,000 people gathered in the area around the rock.
The Holy Mother's appointment with Rosario was exactly at one o'clock in the afternoon, because of summer time. Also this time there was great interest roused among those present by part of the message received by Rosario. The Virgin invited the priests to organize a procession to the rock. In a separate message, She expressed Her desire that on the eve of the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus ( June 25), a procession would also be held at this place, and that fervent prayers would be recited there.


My children, I come once again to remind you of the victory of my Son Jesus over death. God's will is that which is accomplished in you and around you. God's will is that I come to you and that you come to Me.
My task is to bring peace.
I wish that you would continue to recite the Rosary and to fast, continue participating in Holy Mass, confess, receive Holy Communion… and do penance.
The earth is full of the Spirit of the Lord: adore the Lord, love the Lord so that He will be happy with His children. Give thanks for His love, for His mercy: may all the earth praise Him.
Be full of the Spirit of the Lord, invoke His Spirit, He will fill you with grace by means of His Holy gifts.
Open your hearts to your God. My children, invoke the Holy Spirit, because only in doing so you may sanctify your souls.

R. - Blessed Virgin, how should we invoke the Holy Spirit in the right way?

M. - Abandon yourselves totally to me, to my Heart: I am the abode of The Holy Spirit. Do not be afraid, because he who really has faith will be able to obtain all that he asks from the Father in the name of Jesus.
I simply come to help you with your faith in God; by doing so I am also helping the Church along its road. Always sing the praise and the glory to your God through the centuries. Humanity has forgotten my Son and His sacrifice. Do not continue to offend Him any more with your indifference.
Jesus in the Holy Eucharist invites you and welcomes you to His altar.
Do not refuse the Holy Sacraments of Confession and Communion anymore, because by doing so you are refusing to save yourselves. The Lord is your glory, you are His people and you should love Him and obey Him as your only Father: entrust yourselves to His Holy will.

R. - Blessed Virgin, speak to humanity of the love of God for His children.

M. - The Lord is good and great in love, but God cannot be comprehended by man, and secret are His plans for each and everyone of you. Confide in me, so that I may increase in you all that pleases God, and help you in your mission. May the Holy Gospel, the Word of God, be in your minds, be your word, but above all may it be written in your hearts.

R. - Blessed Virgin, do you wish anything else from us?

M. - I wish you to ask the priests to come here in procession to pray.
I wish that on the day before the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, you come here to venerate the Queen of Peace with fervent prayers.
I bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. The Father in your minds, the Son in your hearts and the Holy Spirit in your I must go.

R. - Blessed Virgin, will you continue to come?

M. - I will continue to come.

R. - And when will you come again?

M. - I will come the first day of next month.


XXI apparizione

July 1, 1987.

There were approximately 45,000 people present. Everyone expected the weather to be hot, as is normal in July. But, unexpectedly the day turned out to be cool and rather cloudy, and the seriously ill were relieved when they arrive at the place.
Around midday, Rosario Toscano who is always accompanied by his parents and his spiritual father, Dino Magnano, went close to the rock, which was covered with flowers. At 1.00 PM, the apparition took place. After exactly ten minutes, as soon as the boy finished the greeting prayer, he stood up: and it started to rain heavily. The crowd scattered for shelter. Many were soaking wet from head to toe. Nevertheless, the pilgrims stayed on to listen to the message Rosario read from the balcony of his house nearby. A little before it started raining, the Blessed Virgin had said in conclusion: "I bless you with holy water". At this point, no one worried any more that they were soaking wet. As far as is known, not even those sick with chronic respiratory diseases suffered any serious consequences. On the contrary, there were some cures.


My children, I wish to make you happy with my coming, and really grant you the peace of which I am the Queen. I wish you would continue to recite the Rosary, and to frequent more often the Holy Sacraments of Confession and Communion, especially during this month, which is most full of temptation. I invite you to receive my messages more warmly and to hear my counsels: fast, often, at least once a month.
Do penance and offer reparation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and to My Immaculate Heart.
I also invite you to join me in blessing the Lord, the humble King of glory. A glory to which you may unite yourselves, if you accept to save yourselves following your King. A glory whose only value lies in heaven, together with the Angels and with all the blessed. Be ever more worthy of enjoying, one day, the Face of the Lord. May the Lord visit the earth and bless its seeds. May the Lord come to you with His meekness and with His entire splendor. May He come to visit the earth; offer your hearts to the Lord so that He blesses you and all the seeds of the earth that he has created. Do not be ungrateful, because He who is offended by your indifference is merciful, but He is also judge of your deeds.

R. - Blessed Virgin, forgive us our sins!

M. - The Lord is good, and He is the one who forgives you. During this period, you will be more tempted to sin; start to do penance and participate not only once, but more often, during the week, at Holy Mass, and during this month confess every Sunday. Do hear me, dear children, for thus you will walk on the way of the Lord. Make sure that all your sins will be forgiven, for, in such a way, you will not be prevented from sanctifying your souls.
Be more obedient to God's law, it will be your joy. It is the only law for your life, it is infallible, it is your guide.
May the Church continue to guide God's people, and may the faithful and the priests be united in spirit in the struggle against evil. Dear children, do not create divisions amongst you, but be united, for you are the chosen people.
May the Holy Gospel, the Word of the Lord, be in your minds, may it be your word, but above all, may it be written in your hearts.

R. - Blessed Virgin, do you wish anything else from us?

M. - No, nothing else from the people here present, but I want something from you. It is only fair that everybody gets to know the other messages of my previous apparitions. You will read them a few at a time every Saturday, and make sure that everyone listens to them.
I bless you with Holy Water, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. The Father in your minds, the Son in your hearts, the Holy Spirit in your I must go.

R. - Blessed Virgin, will you continue to come?

M. - I will continue to come.

R. - And when will you come again?

M. - I will come the first day of next month.


XXII apparizione

August 1, 1987.

Nothing particular seems to characterize this meeting of prayer and of fervent devotion, except the ever more numerous presence of foreigners coming from other places, not only from the South, but also from the other regions of Italy (Tuscany, Umbria, Lazio). They come to Belpasso to "assist" at the event. Many sick persons come here with the hope of being cured. In this month's message Our Lady reminds her children, once again, of prayer, of penance and to be watchful not to expose themselves to the dangers of the temptations that summer brings with it.


My children, I principally come because I wish to lead you on the upright path by means of my messages. You should know that you will be saved if you will listen to me and if you will put into practice what I have advised you to do.
I have been repeating my request and my wish for prayer for a long time now. The moment has come when you must change your life by setting it in the light of the Lord Jesus. You cannot and you should not be so cold towards such a sweet call coming from God. Do reflect, my children: didn’t Jesus die for you? Didn’t Jesus rise for you as well? Isn’t Jesus the way, the truth and the life? Jesus is your salvation. You cannot say that God does not love you only because He does not always accept your request, which concern such material needs.
The Lord opens His hands and satisfies every living being. The Lord's banquet is not a rich table full of material delights and satisfactions that do not fill the heart. The table of the Lord has food for eternal life; only thus, can your heart be filled with the love of Jesus.
Give Him thanks with this prayer and offer your Holy Communion, every Thursday, for the softening of the hardened hearts of poor sinners.

"Oh Jesus, it is so sweet to have you in my heart, I ardently wish to have your love. Oh! I beg, adore, pray and love your Sacred and Merciful Heart, and ask, through your Holy Virtues, for the conversion of those hearts by now petrified, the purification and the zeal to draw them closer to the most Holy Sacrament in which You, my Jesus, make us participate."

May the Lord grant you His peaceful presence. I wish that you would all feel the presence of God amongst you and in you, so that you will be at peace with others and with yourselves.
All you people, give praise to the Lord, but may this praise not be an empty one.

R. - Blessed Virgin, are you happy with our prayers?

M. - Not very much. Some people have put my counsels into practice, others have not persevered, but the majority has remained indifferent.
I ask you once again what I asked last month: confess every Sunday and frequently participate at Holy Mass during the week.
Continue reciting the Holy Rosary.
Because of His goodness, the Lord does not abandon you, since you are His people: but do not turn your backs on Him, and always keep Him present in your lives.
May your soul be thirsty for the Lord. May the Lord come to you, and always fill your hearts with love, peace and goodness.
May the Holy Gospel, the Word of the Lord, be in your minds, be your word, but above all may it be written in your hearts.

R. - Blessed Virgin, do you wish anything else from us?

M. - I wish that every Friday you do an hour of prayer dedicated to Jesus in atonement for the outrages, sacrileges and indifferences with which He is offended.
Do Penance and fast, above all, during this month of temptation. I bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. May the Father be in your minds, the Son in your hearts and the Holy Spirit in your souls.... now I must go.

R. - Blessed Virgin, will you continue to come?

M. - I will continue to come.

R. - And when will you come again?

M. - I will come the first day of next month.


XXIII apparizione

September 1, 1987

Something particular happened during this apparition. In the area of Borrello (a hamlet of Belpasso), there was the usual crowd. The weather was still quite hot, with a fresh breeze blowing lightly and relieving the tiredness of those present while they waited. At 1:00 P.M. sharp, Rosario Toscano knelt down and started his conversation with the Blessed Virgin. After some minutes, those present saw the boy first kiss the ground, then stand up and stretch his arms out towards the rock. He remained for a while almost clinging to it, seemingly carried away by the vision.
Those who were close to the rock understood, almost at once, the meaning of that moving gesture. It would be made clear to all, later on, when the boy read out the message.
During the conversation Rosario had asked the Blessed Virgin if he could kiss Her feet. The Blessed Virgin had replied "Yes", on condition that he would first kiss the ground, as a sign of penance in reparation for all sinners.


My children, come to Me, I will take you to Jesus. This is what I principally invite your hearts to. Be constant in prayer, in order to receive my invitation better. Always give more importance to prayers. Spend more time with God.
Dear children, with an incessant call I invite you to prayer and to the participation in the Holy Mass: confess, receive Holy Communion, and never put away your Rosary. The Lord makes it possible for you to hear His voice. Do listen to Him, for God speaks to you deep down in your heart. Try to begin to understand His voice echoing in your heart. If you really succeed in hearing Him, you will finally realize that God loves you and that His Heart burns with love for you. Oh, my children, why don't you open your heart to Our Lord's great love?
This divine power of love is so great that you will really feel bathed in the light of God; every tribulation you have would vanish, if you would abandon yourselves to my Immaculate Heart.

R. - Blessed Virgin, what should we do so as to abandon ourselves totally to your Heart?

M. - Pray, pray a lot, at least three hours daily, recite many rosaries, make sacrifices for the conversion of sinners, do acts of mortification to avoid wars in the world.

R. - Blessed Virgin, people say that they do not have all this time for praying.

M. - But you have time to feed yourselves. As your body has its necessities, so does your soul need attention. He who has no time for prayer, has no time for God, and this does not make you His children. Is this, perhaps, the respect you have towards your Father? The Lord is near the one who searches for Him; you should not only have Him present in your daily life, but also look for Him in order to be, in every way, bearers of peace.
Jesus, in His love, always grants you the possibility to gain eternal reward. Day by day He presents you the occasions to gain what He has promised. Help your needy brother, every little or big action you do to help one of these small brothers you would have done it for Jesus.
Often read and meditate the Holy Gospel, the word of God: may it be in your minds, may it be your word, but above all may it be written in your hearts.

R. - Blessed Virgin, do you wish something else from us?

M. - No, nothing else. See that your love towards God and your prayers do not occupy a marginal place in your heart. I bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit: may the Father be in your minds, the Son in your hearts, the Holy Spirit in your souls... now I must go.

R. - Blessed Virgin, I made them remove all these things so as to be able to kiss your feet. Would you permit me to do so?

M. - Before you do so, you will kiss the ground as a sign of penance for all sinners who offend Our Lord.

R. – [After having kissed our Lady's feet] Blessed Virgin, will you continue to come?

M. - I will continue to come.

R. - And when will you come again?

M. - I will come the first day of next month.


XXIV apparizione

October 1, 1987.

This was the tenth apparition since the beginning of the year.
There were over 50,000 people present. The arrival of cars and coaches coming from Palermo was most noticeable. As on previous occasions, Rosario, who was accompanied by his father and mother and by Father Dino Magnano, went down to the rock at around 9.30 A.M., where he recited the morning prayers together with the sick, and then again around noon.
On this date, the Blessed Virgin told Rosario to go to a secluded place somewhere near the rock, on the day when she is honored as the Queen of the Rosary, because the Lord would grant him a grace for the general benefit of the people.


My children, do not lose heart if the cross is heavy. Divine providence, the love of God, your prayers and your faith will be your comfort and your joy. My Immaculate Heart will be your refuge. I still exhort you to recite the Rosary, to pray with a fervent heart and to frequent the Sacraments. I wish to remind you how the Lord has deigned to look at this place and how His hand has touched your hearts.
I invite you to praise Him even for the small graces He grants you, in order to be capable of thanking Him for the big graces which come from His divine mercy. He is taking good care of His vineyard, His people are the vineyard of the Lord: so do your best to yield good fruit before the Lord will turn it into a desert. He expects justice and righteousness from His people, and not bloodshed and cries of the oppressed. So, be prepared, for the time is ripe. If you listen to my maternal counsels, there will be a period of peace, and only prayers will provide purification for your hearts.

R. - Blessed Virgin, we're poor sinners, and did not obey your advice to pray three hours daily…

M. - I did not expect neither less nor more from you formerly, but the time has come: grow spiritually, and your hearts will be mine and I will take them to Jesus. The first steps have been difficult, the way to Jesus is not easy to follow, but I will be the guide, and the angels will be your protectors. Dear children, you must prepare yourselves to give your "yes" to Jesus' call and invitation, and your "thank you" for His welcome. Once you begin to partake of His banquet, you cannot renounce such a marvelous gift, even though daily temptations will menace your way to sanctification. Promise to abide forever in the house of the Lord; it is always open. I invite you to place the Holy Bible somewhere where you can see it, and to understand the importance of meditating daily on it, especially on a passage from the Holy Gospel. May the Word of God be in your minds, may it be your word, but above all may it be written in your hearts.

R. - Blessed Virgin, do you wish anything else from us?

M. - I wish you would recite many rosaries during the day, but at least three. I wish you always to submit to the will of God and to love Him, because He is your strength and your support, and His Sacred Heart burns with love for you. I wish you to come here in a secluded place on the day of my veneration as the Queen of the Holy Rosary.
Our Lord wishes to grant you a grace for the common benefit of his people. I bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. May the Father be in your minds, the Son in your hearts and the Holy Spirit in your I must go.

R. - Blessed Virgin, will you continue to come?

M. - I will continue to come.

R. - And when will you come again?

M. - I will come the first day of next month.


Su invito della Ss. Vergine nell’apparizione dell’1 ottobre Rosario, il 7 ottobre 1987 verso le tre del pomeriggio, si reca presso una macchia di alberi che egli già conosceva perché in passato con i suoi cugini, andando ad esplorare i luoghi intorno, lo aveva scoperto, e qui giocando essi fingevano che fosse una specie di casa segreta. Perciò, quando la S. Vergine gli aveva detto di recarsi in un luogo appartato della zona perché il Signore gli avrebbe concesso una grazia a beneficio comune del Suo popolo, il pensiero di Rosario è corso subito a questa macchia di alberi.

Il ragazzo, dunque, quel giorno, lasciati un po’ più indietro i genitori che lo avevano accompagnato, si inoltra in mezzo a questi alberi. Qui in circostanze particolari, che egli non ha il permesso di svelare, riceve la grazia particolare per il bene comune del popolo di Dio. Si tratta di locuzioni uditive provenienti da parte del Signore Gesù.

In tale circostanza riceve una preghiera in forma di Rosario rivolta a Gesù, via, verità e vita. Essa offre uno spunto di meditazione sulle parole di Gesù: "Io sono la via, la verità e la vita. Nessuno viene al Padre se non per mezzo di me. Se conoscete me, conoscerete anche il Padre" (Gv 14,6-7).

La stessa sera, durante la S. Messa celebrata presso la chiesa di S. Maria della Guardia, a Belpasso, egli riceve in locuzione una sorta di piccolo sussidio per i bambini preparatorio alla preghiera del S. Rosario.

Sabato 10 ottobre, durante la S. Comunione gli viene dettata una preghiera al Cuore Immacolato di Maria.

Dopo altri tre giorni, martedì 13 ottobre, durante la S. Comunione, riceve una preghiera d’intercessione per gli ammalati.

Altri cinque giorni dopo, domenica 18 ottobre, durante la S. Messa al momento della S. Comunione riceve un’altra preghiera stavolta rivolta al Sacro Cuore di Gesù.

Infine, Domenica 24 aprile 1988, sette giorni prima dell’ultima apparizione alla Roccia di Belpasso, gli viene dettata una supplica che è pure un atto di consacrazione alla Vergine di Belpasso.

Rosario spiega il senso di queste preghiere come momenti di particolare invocazione che accompagnano determinate fasi della vita: la fase del discernimento vocazionale e/o di certe scelte fondamentali (con la preghiera rivolta a Gesù, nostra via, verità e vita); quella della prima giovinezza (con la preghiera propedeutica al Rosario per i bambini); la fase in continua evoluzione della conversione all’Amore (con le preghiere rivolte ai SS. Cuori di Gesù e di Maria); il momento della sofferenza propria ed altrui (con la preghiera dell’ammalato e/o per l’ammalato); infine, nei momenti difficili per il mondo (e non solo), quando con tutta la comunità dei credenti si invoca la Regina della Pace e ci si affida al suo Cuore Immacolato per il bene della Chiesa stessa e di ogni uomo che Dio ama. (Preghiere)

Nei tre messaggi dalla 25ª apparizione (1-11-1987) alla 27ª (8-12-1987), la S. Vergine mostra in sintesi le sue esortazioni: la chiamata alla santità dei figli di Dio per intercessione del Cuore Immacolato della Regina della Pace, progetto che riecheggiando il Vangelo si fonda sui tre fondamenti, la penitenza/conversione (intesa sia come adesione alla persona e alla Parola di Gesù, sia come sacramento, sia come mortificazione personale); la preghiera (intesa sia come comunione con Dio, sia come azione liturgica, sia come apostolato), e la riparazione (intesa sia come apostolato della carità solidale per espiare le offese e le omissioni contro Dio e contro il prossimo, sia come apostolato del sacrificio come offerta di sé, unendo le proprie sofferenze con quelle di Cristo, in comunione col Sacrificio eucaristico per la salvezza del mondo).

XXV apparizione

November 1, 1987

As was expected on the first of November (being a feast day), an incredible number of people arrived from different regions of Italy, (Lazio, Umbria, Toscana, Veneto). At Belpasso, in the area around Borrello, it was calculated that about 70,000 people were present.
The first group of pilgrims started to gather round the rock as early as 3:00 A.M. Afterwards, during the early hours of the day, the place seemed like a flowing river, due to the continuous influx of people.
At around 11:00 A.M, Rosario Toscano went to the rock. After the recitation of the prayers at midday, the apparition took place.
During the ten-minute conversation with the Blessed Virgin, the visionary recited a decade of the rosary. Then he raised the crucifix of his own rosary, while asking the Holy Mother to bless it.
In the meantime, from the thick clouds stationed towards the east, a single cloud, (looking like grey smoke), detached itself and slowly melted in the air. The majority of those present raised up their eyes to heaven shouting: "Viva Maria!"(Up with Mary!).


My children, today you have come in great numbers to your Mother. But find the reason for my incessant call. I ask for a greater abandonment of yourselves to me, the utmost humility and obedience towards Our Lord.
Be docile to his Renewing Spirit, thirst for His Sanctifying Spirit.
I wish all my dear children to be saints: blessed are the pure of heart, because they will really see God. Now dear children, on such an important day, I renew my request: recite many Rosaries, make sacrifices for the conversion of sinners, fast for peace in the world, and, above all, participate more often during the week at the Holy Mass, but do it with all your heart and with every good intention of engaging yourselves to be better and to sanctify your soul, so as to render your hearts pure.
Receive the Holy Sacraments of Confession and Communion. Keep praying for the sanctification of the religious, men and women, and of the people of God: and finally I will present your prayers and your supplications, made with all your heart, to Our Lord.

R. - Blessed Virgin, I have certain things to ask you; the conversion of sinners, the vocations and many other prayers.

M. - Many are your daily cares, but how many times do you stop to quench your thirst near the Lord? As the deer goes to water, so should you go to God. Do not close your heart to Love but say: " My soul thirsts for you, oh Lord!"
This is what He wishes to hear from you, so that He will put an end to your troubles. First of all, your conversion, your prayers and your faith are needed, so as to obtain favors and graces. I know that vocations are few, so pray also for this intention. Amongst you there are many uncertain young people, who have a great wish to consecrate themselves to the Lord, but worldly things are distracting and taking them away. So I encourage you not to be doubtful: satisfy this saintly wish, your Mother is saying this to you.
The Lord does not wish you to forget the devotion to my Immaculate Heart. To those who continue to practice this devotion, I promise salvation, and these souls will be loved by God as flowers placed by me to decorate His throne. Here's the Lord who loves you and wishes each and everyone of you to draw near to Him.
Detach yourselves from human trifles, because He wishes to carry out His plan for each and everyone of you: especially from this very day, great projects will begin to be accomplished. He wants to lead you all to the kingdom of Life.
Dear children, Our Lord lets His countenance shine on you and saves you.
So, prepare yourselves. Be aware of His imminent coming. Do not be deaf to the Word of God, the Holy Gospel. So, may it be in your minds, may it be your word, but above all may it be written in your hearts.

R. - Blessed Virgin, do you wish anything else from us?

M. - No, nothing else. Now recite a decade of the Rosary, offer it for the sanctification of souls and for peace in the entire world. I bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. May the Father be in your minds, the Son in your hearts, the Holy Spirit in your souls.... now I must go.

R. - Blessed Virgin, will you continue to come?

M. - I will continue to come.

R. - And when will you come again?

M. - I will come the first day of next month.

XXVI apparizione

December 1, 1987.

On the first of December, in spite of it being a working day, around 60,000 people poured in to the area of Borrello.
It was a clear day. After the conversation with the Blessed Virgin, Rosario read the message. Almost all that had come for the monthly appointment, were still there to hear it.
The words of the Blessed Virgin were filled with joyful hope in expectation of Christmas. "On Christmas day, God the Father will offer special graces to all those hearts who are ready to receive them."
At the end, the Blessed Virgin added that she would come another time during the month, and not only on the first of January.
No one, not even Rosario, knows the date of this appointment. Rosario just says that, when this happens, if there will be messages for everyone, he will let know.


My dear children, I love you immensely. I wish to communicate my joy to you: may you share it with Me. Jesus will be born once more among you. But, my children, Advent is the period of preparation for Christmas; and you, how are you preparing for it ?
Detach yourselves from material things, since only by doing so you can appreciate the real meaning of Christmas: so, do not let it be the same as the ones in previous years. I invite you to prepare for Christmas by doing penance, by praying and by doing acts of charity.
This Christmas will be unforgettable for you, but you will need to hear me and put the message I am giving you into practice.
You have all contemplated the wonders of the Love of God. Now, you have to put your choice into practice in your heart.

R. - Blessed Virgin, how can we know that our choice is God's will?

M. - In order to know whether your choice is according to God's will, you will have to pray a lot and do penance, so as not to fall into error. Trust and abandon yourselves totally to Him and to My Immaculate Heart.
Dear children, since you know that the joyful event is near, you should understand that without love you cannot obtain anything. So, love each other, first in the family and then in the whole world, so that there will be a real climate of peace.
During the forthcoming weeks, dedicate yourselves to prayer in your family, learn to love each other. Abandon yourselves to God as I have counseled to you, you will obtain special gifts of charity and conversion. You often say that my message is always the same, and that I say the same things: very bad, my children, that means that you do not know how to meditate. You may just as well repeat that I always ask for prayers and for the recital of the Holy Rosary.
You should know, nevertheless, that when you pray you are much more beautiful. As the flowers in spring show all their beauty, so you look lovelier while praying: your heart opens to the Lord and you become more precious than before to Him, so much so that you become worthy of Heaven. You should prepare yourselves also for a good confession: may the examination of your conscience be very meticulous.
Try to really repent and to feel great regret for your sins, do not be proud, do not feel ashamed in front of your Confessor, at the end you will feel serene and full of joy, ready to live Christmas.
If, even a day before Christmas, you do not feel at peace with yourselves, hurry and go to Confession, so that the Lord will find in your hearts what He desires.
May the priests engage themselves to receive everyone.
Dear children, Holy Mass is a joyous experience of your meeting with Jesus. As this period should be fully lived, always welcome the message of the Gospel, the Word of God: may it be written in your minds, may it be your word, but above all may it be written in your hearts.

R. - Blessed Virgin, do you wish anything else from us ?

M. - No, nothing else. I only ask you not to let the day of joy be the saddest one for me because of your sins. On Christmas day the Father offers particular graces to all those who will be open in their hearts.
In the meantime, My Immaculate Heart will follow your progress.
I bless you in the name of the Holy Trinity: may the Father be in your minds, the Son in your hearts, the Holy Spirit in your souls... Now I must go.

R. - Blessed Virgin, will you continue to come?

M. - I will continue to come.

R. - And when will you come again?

M. - I will come the first day of next month: not only that, but, if the Lord will permit Me, some other time as well during this month.

XXVII apparizione

December 8, 1987

At the end of the message on December 1, the Blessed Virgin said, "I shall come not only on the first of next month, but, if the Lord will permit me, even some other time during the month."
As we have said, nobody knew the date of this extraordinary appointment, even though many suspected that it would be on the day of the Immaculate Conception.
On the morning of the 8 December the visionary went to Acireale, to the church of the Philippine Fathers: and here, unexpectedly, at the end of the Holy Mass celebrated by Father Dino Magnano (for the opening of the Oratory), the Blessed Virgin revealed Herself. Rosario was in the first bench absorbed in prayer, while the congregation was standing up listening to a hymn. The event was so unexpected that it left the young boy and those present deeply surprised and moved, but at the same time delighted by the experience they went through.
After the apparition, Rosario read the message on the spot. Then he went to the rock at Belpasso to communicate to everyone what had happened and to make known what the Blessed Virgin had told him.


At the Church of the Philippine Fathers - Acireale

Dearest children, I love you immensely, this is the sentiment which I feel mostly towards you. However, I also reveal my sorrow to you: there are too many offences to My Immaculate Heart, and few are those who offer reparation. Remember what I said exactly a year ago.
In fact, I promised assistance at the hour of death with all the graces necessary for salvation to those who every first Saturday, for five consecutive months, would have confessed and received Holy Communion, and above all would have kept me company for a quarter of an hour by reciting the Rosary meditating the fifteen mysteries, with the purpose of offering me reparation. I also recommended fasting for world peace.

R. - Blessed Virgin, why just for five months and not more?

M. - Because five are the offences directed at My Immaculate Heart: the blasphemies against My Immaculate Conception; against My Virginity; the refusal to recognize me as the Mother of God and of men; the work of those who infuse in the hearts of others indifference and hate against Me; the work of those who offend Me directly in My sacred images.
I invite each and every one of you to propagate the necessity of comforting and consoling your Mother. I would really appreciate the consecration of your families to My Immaculate Heart. Take action to make amends for all the offences and indifferences that hurt My Heart; from now on I entrust you the task to defend and make reparation to My Heart.
I bless everyone of you and particularly your families; I promise you that if you will accept the task that I have entrusted to you, you will obtain the grace of conversion.


Oratorio della Chiesa dei PP. Filippini - Acireale
Il cerchio grande, in alto a destra, indica il punto dell'apparizione;
il cerchio piccolo, in basso a sinistra,indica il posto in cui era inginocchiato Rosario.

Dalla 28ª apparizione (1-1-1988) alla 32ª (1-5-1988), i cinque messaggi sono tutti incentrati sul tema del regno di Pace di nostro Signore Gesù Cristo che per mezzo del Cuore Immacolato della Madre vuole prendere dimora presso gli uomini contrapponendosi a un’illusoria idea di pace secondo la logica del mondo (messaggio della "mai vista tristezza di Maria" del 1-1-88, e messaggi del 1-2-88 e 1-3-88); in quanto nel progetto di Dio la Pace proviene dall’offerta di sé ad imitazione di Cristo crocifisso il quale ha vinto il male con l’amore e ci infonde fiducia in ciò mediante la resurrezione e i frutti che provengono da questi due eventi fondamentali (morte in croce e resurrezione) e dei quali Maria ha la missione di far fruttificare nella Chiesa e con la Chiesa (1-4-88). Il rifiuto di questo progetto di Dio è pericoloso per la storia dell’umanità e Maria ci vuol far scampare i pericoli riportandoci ancora sulla giusta via e assicurandoci la sua protezione quando tale pericolo sarà più vicino(1-5-88).

XXVIII apparizione

January 1, 1988

The year 1988 did not start with good prospects. The weather was bad, and false information was being circulated in some newspapers while the New Year's festivities were at their peak. These reasons caused a considerable decrease in the number of pilgrims near the rock. The months of November and December had marked 70,000 and 60,000 pilgrims respectively, while this month the figure was reduced to a maximum of 20,000.
The few faithful pilgrims who attended the apparition of the Blessed Virgin at Belpasso were soaked from head to toe, in spite of their umbrellas, when they were near the rock. The apparition had another unpleasant surprise. The message was secret.
At the end of the apparition, Rosario was sad and low-spirited. He said that the Virgin Mary was more sorrowful than usual. "As I have never seen her before", he commented. For the moment, the message he had just received would have to remain secret. "I wish to invite everyone to pray, so that the contents of this message will not happen", he added.
To clarify the confusion of many people regarding this secret message which concerned future sad events, some days later Rosario made a statement to better explain what the Blessed Virgin desired from everyone.
An account of the apparition of Our Lady.

January 1, 1988

I cannot reveal the message that Our lady entrusted to me on January 1, 1988, so I shall refer only to some points in it. As I have already stated, Our Lady was very sad, as never before, and I do not mind admitting that her message upset me, as it was very profound in its contents. When the Blessed Virgin Mary appears, she does not do so without a reason: what concerns Her most is her children's salvation.
Perhaps many have not understood this, and this is one reason for her sorrow. It is difficult for me to say what I am going to say. It must be ascertained that humanity's steps towards peace are sure and steady.
Our Lady had already said so on October 1, when she spoke of a period of peace. However, a question rises spontaneously: how is it possible that Our Lady is sad?
At this point we cannot and should not focus our attention only on the problems of the nations at war. The Blessed Virgin is worried about the salvation of any individual man, tormented by - and attached to- material things, distracted and not caring any more about his only and real good: GOD. Each and every one of us should discover in his own soul the call to sanctity, and recognize his spiritual deficiency. It seems right to repeat what Our Lady has always said: we must receive the Sacraments of Confession and Communion, pray for world peace, recite a lot of Rosaries and make sacrifices for the conversion of sinners.
When the Holy Virgin says that the time is ripe, we should meditate and act in order to improve, purify and sanctify ourselves. I wish to specify that the message of the 1 January 1988 is not an addition to the ten secrets that I received on the March 1, 1987, but it throws a deeper light upon them and explains them. Only one thing gives hope to all of us: the sure help of Mary, the QUEEN OF PEACE, and the triumph of Her Immaculate Heart.
The Parable of the ten virgins comes, in fact, to mind (Matthew 25, 1 –13).
It is an exhortation for a watchful expectation of the glorious return of Jesus Christ.
Our Lady will appear on the first day of next month.

XXIX apparizione

February 1, 1988.

On the first of February, contrary to what was expected, many pilgrims (about 50,000) returned to the rock of Belpasso to attend the Virgin's apparition, which was announced beforehand.
Everyone was waiting eagerly and full of excitement. They were all hoping, above all, that the message of the Blessed Virgin would bring back peace to the hearts of those who had prayed fervently to ward off the bad omens of the month before.
The crowd was not disappointed. The words of the Queen of Peace referred to what had happened on the first of January.
"But how could I be happy, when all the world was a victim of its own superficial materialism even on the eve of a New Year?" She encouraged everyone to live in genuine faith. "Each of you must first consolidate his own faith, so that afterwards you can convert your neighbor."


My children, you will be able to comfort me only if you have understood my sorrow. Last month, my coming was really disheartening for everyone...and it was the day of peace. But how could I be happy if the world was a victim of its own superficiality even on the eve of the New Year? This is the way men draw down punishment upon themselves.
Many have consciously sold themselves to earthly happiness. Only one thing makes my heart happy: seeing many of you engaged in comforting me. This means that not only your heart is open, but that you know how to correspond readily and willingly with the inspirations that God sends to your hearts. God will restore you to health, because He is the God of life.
Today I invite you all, in a particular way, to strengthen your faith in God. Today you have been called to a particular task, which He, in His mercy, wants to entrust to you: to announce to the world His imminent coming. Be grateful, but do not become proud, because God does not choose the best, but those who are meekest to listen to His Spirit.
I say this to forewarn you about this pride, for it too often penetrates into the thoughts of your hearts.

R. - Blessed Virgin, how can we obtain the necessary strength to fulfill this task?

M. - The task is easy. Many have forgotten that being real Christians means announcing the Good News. Jesus instituted the Sacraments not only to sanctify his brothers, but also to fortify your souls.
Often many say that they are Christians, and do not realize that they themselves are the cause of lost faith.
Each one of you should first consolidate his own faith, and then convert his fellow creatures. Many do not know that the faith of the real Christian is not a "perhaps". Each one of you should look deep down in himself and say: "O Lord, your salvation fills me with joy. Make me an instrument of conversion."
He who knows he is in the right path, also knows that, when he comes face to face with what the Holy Gospel teaches, he cannot be afraid. And if this happens, his fear will not be so great as to make him abandon the way undertaken. This is your strength, this is your faith. The ways of the Lord are truth and grace. May the Holy Gospel, the Word of God, be in your minds, be your word, but above all may it be written in your hearts. Go and evangelize: do not be afraid because my heart will always be with you. You will walk in front of the Lord in the land of the living.

R. - Blessed Virgin, do you wish anything else from us?

M. - No, nothing else. Continue to receive the Holy Sacraments, do not get tired of praying and reciting the Holy Rosary, read the Holy Bible and meditate it. I bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. May the Father be in your minds, the Son in your hearts and the Holy Spirit in your souls... now I must go.

R. - Blessed Virgin, will you continue to come?

M. - Yes, I will come the first day of next month.


XXX apparizione

March 1, 1988

The season of spring was approaching, but the cold weather at Belpasso was still intense. On the morning of the first of March, a cold northerly wind blew harshly. This forced the pilgrims to wrap up abundantly, because of the long wait before the apparition.
Everything was carried out as usual, in an orderly and tranquil way.
Appreciation was especially due to the work of the local volunteers, and the "Misericordia", who were always ready to assist the sick and those who fainted.
The Blessed Virgin's apparition to Rosario occurred exactly at noon, as usual in the winter months.
And as usual there was a great anxiety to know the message. This month's message did not lack a reference to Easter, which was imminent, with the invitation to live it coherently in the period of Lent.
The Blessed Virgin also said something which made everyone present happy: that the seventh secret would not happen, but that it would be substituted by another event, which would be beautiful for all God's people all over the world.


My children, we are nearing Easter, so prepare well. During these days of Lent, I invite you to a spiritual recollection. Do not let yourselves be caught unprepared. Try to render your soul pure and clear like spring water; you cannot do anything alone, but with the grace of God, with His and my help, you can obtain peace with yourselves and with your brethren and with God. But if you want to obtain this, pass through My Heart: it will take you to Jesus, and you will find real peace. The peace for which Jesus has died and has risen from the dead, leaving it to you.
Do not waste such a gift by hiding it, but cultivate it in yourselves and in your heart. If each and everyone of you does so, he can share it with his own brethren, he can make use of it to praise the Lord.
If you do so, Jesus will benevolently accept the gifts you offer Him, but what He longs for most are your hearts.
Bring your hearts to Mine, I will render them worthy of My Son's Heart. You will have within you a gushing spring that will last all the way to eternal life. Prepare yourselves with humility and holy abandon meant for Holy Easter. Prepare with prayers and deeds of charity. I promised you an unforgettable Christmas, and I kept my promise; now I promise you an unforgettable Easter, but, if you want to, you can do much more than last year.
For this purpose meditate, very often, the Way of the Cross, pray with the Rosary and go to Confession more frequently: this is the time for reconciliation. Holy Mass is the compendium of the wonders that God has worked with men; it means assisting at the great sacrifice of the Passion and Death of Jesus. The great mysteries of God are contemplated and celebrated during the Holy Mass. May you all aspire to the Resurrection and to Heaven.
Dear children, do not try to run away from the Cross which has been given to you, for this way you are also participating in the great sacrifice of the Holy Eucharist. Receive the Holy Eucharist: God can never be thanked enough for this immense and marvelous gift. During these weeks you should go more often to Holy Mass. I invite you to adore Jesus Crucified every day.
Take a Crucifix and kiss it repeatedly with a lot of love and deep devotion. You will make a fine gesture: in fact, it is with the Cross that Jesus redeemed the world. Always read the truths taught in the Holy Gospel: The Lord has the word of eternal life. May it be in your minds, may it be your word, but above all, may it be written in your hearts. Sing forever the love of the Lord.

R. - Blessed Virgin, do you wish anything else?

M. - Yes, time has come for you to reveal to your confessor the secret regarding.………. which forms part of the ten secrets. Say to everyone that the seventh secret will not happen, but it will be substituted by another event which will be beautiful for all the people of God scattered upon the earth.
I bless you, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. May the Father be in your minds, the Son in your hearts, the Holy Spirit in your souls... now I must go.

R. - Blessed Virgin, will you continue to come?

M. - Yes, I will come the first day of next month.

XXXI apparizione

April 1, 1988

The first of April 1988 was Good Friday.
Many people, amongst them a big number of priests, who are often present at the rock, had to give up unwillingly this monthly appointment at Belpasso due to the afternoon functions in their parishes.
Nevertheless, when Rosario arrived with his parents and Father Dino to participate in the Way of the Cross led by Fr. Philip Buccheri, about 50,000 people were assembled at the place.
During the apparition, those present (the ones nearest the visionary, of course), observed something unusual compared to the previous months.
During the three mysteries of the Rosary recited by Rosario, he was staring repeatedly high up at two different points above the rock, as if something else was attracting his attention.
At the end of the conversation, when Rosario appeared on the balcony, everything became clear, as he explained that he had seen the Blessed Virgin differently from previous times, kneeling at the foot of a beautiful crucifix.

Apparition of April 1, 1988

Today, the apparition was different than usual. In fact, as soon as the cloud rested upon the rock and opened, I saw Our Lady kneeling down on the right side of a beautiful life-size crucifix. The Cross was facing me, but Jesus did not move; I had the feeling that I was in front of a marvelous sculpture of fine particulars. Jesus seemed to be real.
I have never seen such a marvelous crucifix, and it was of such beauty that I did not know whom I should look at, Our Lady or the beautiful Cross. Our Lady invited me to recite three mysteries of the Holy Rosary, and in the meantime I contemplated the Love of God for mankind. I noticed something very beautiful while I recited "...Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners...". Our Lady raised her eyes high up lovingly.
So I could contemplate, deep down in my heart, how the Virgin intercedes for us.
At the end of the three mysteries of the Holy Rosary, Our Lady gave the following message for everyone.


My dearest children, today you should pray particularly for your brethren. Your beloved Jesus, the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world, continues to repeat His sacrifice of love in the Church, which is His mystical body. My heart, united with that of my Son, has suffered in a unique and particular manner: that is why I say to you that I am the Mother of the sad and the suffering, I am She who consoles you.
During the painful Passion of Jesus, my heart would not have held up, if it were not sustained by the faith which all of you should look at.
Remain with me under the Cross, pray and have faith. In this way peace, of which I am the Queen, can enter your hearts: it is a flower that blossoms without withering, if you permit Me to look after it as a precious thing that grows by the grace of the Lord.
Continue to recite the Rosary and receive the Sacraments. Holy Mass is your salvation. The Resurrection of Jesus is a great event, because this is the way He triumphed over death.
During the Holy Easter of resurrection I invite you not to cling to material things, but to look at your poorer brothers and sisters with charity, demonstrate to Jesus your love, show Him that you are not deaf to His calls and that you are close to His light. May the Holy Gospel, the Word of God, be in your minds, be your word, but above all, may it be written in your hearts.

R. - Blessed Virgin, do you wish anything else from us?

M. - No, nothing else for today. The sorrowful Mother of the Passion and the happy Mother of the Resurrection blesses you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit: may the Father be in your minds, the Son in your hearts, the Holy Spirit in your souls... now I must go.

R. - Blessed Virgin, when will you come again?

M. - I will come the first day of next month.



XXXII apparizione

May 1, 1988

It was a public feast day. As was expected, the number of people at Belpasso was indescribable. Scattered round the rock, one calculated that there were about 150,000 people in this area. This reached the maximum figure since the beginning of the apparitions.
People came from all the Sicilian provinces and from various regions of Italy. The weather was already hot, and many sought shelter from the sun under their umbrellas. The apparition, (the last one, as was known later), occurred exactly at 1:00 P.M. with the reintroduction of daylight-saving time. At the end of the conversation, Rosario left the place escorted by the police, while the people waited anxiously to know what the message was.
After half an hour, unfortunately, it was very sad to hear the broken-hearted boy cry out: "What? Will you not come any more?"
The people who were present, at this point, understood clearly that the Queen of peace would not come any more to the rock at Belpasso.
They still could not believe what they heard. They left the place crying, with their hearts full of sorrow, but at the same time with a little hope. The message had announced that in future she would return.
Only God knows the date of her return.


My children, during these months I gave a lot of messages to convert you. The Lord has touched many hearts and He has inflamed them with the love of His Heart; He has comforted many disconsolate persons, has brought peace to many families and to many hearts. He made everyone understand how wonderful and marvelous prayer is, how effective is the recitation of the Holy Rosary, and hence my intercession before Him; how pleased He is with the sacrifices and penance offered in reparation for sins and for the conversion of sinners: but, above all, He made you understand how indispensable the Sacraments are for eternal life. He gave you the gift of joy, and will continue to give it to you during Holy Mass.
Dear children, how many times I have invited you to do what I have advised you, to the point of begging you to accept the just Commandments of Our Lord.
My apparitions have served to revive in your souls the spirit of faith, of trust and of love. Spiritual fruits are obtained by perseverance and by total abandon to God's mercy. I will always protect you, and even if you bend to the wind as trees you will remain safe: trust in me.

R. - Blessed Virgin, I have many things to ask you: if you will cure the sick, if you will grant some spiritual and material graces to others.

M. - Some have already been healed and listen to; others will be healed later, while others still will not be listened to: they must pray and ask pardon for their sins. The world has offended Our Lord so much, it must correct its errors. Now, however, I must tell you a very important thing, and you may say it to everyone: after the period of peace which I will concede to the world through my heart, many will move away from God, many will be ashamed of Him. When the period of peace will come to an end, many unpleasant events will happen in every family, in every city, in every nation and in the whole world: this is because many will relax their vigilance once again, forgetting God and His laws. The Church will have to suffer a lot. Before all this happens, I will warn you, so that you will tell everyone. This will be the tangible sign of my apparitions, and it is much more important for its gravity than the signs in the sky. But do not get discouraged: always look at the Holy Hearts of Jesus and of Mary.
May the Holy Gospel be in your minds, be your word, but, above all may it be written in your hearts.

R. - Blessed Virgin, do you wish anything else from us?

M. - No, nothing else. Every day live my messages in which I repeat to you to do what my Son asks of you. I bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. May the Father be in your minds, the Son in your hearts, the Holy Spirit in your souls... now I must go.

R. - Blessed Virgin, will you continue to come?

M. - No, I will not come any more.

R. - What?! You won’t come any more?

M. - I will return later in the future, but this doesn’t mean that I have abandoned you; my Immaculate Heart will always be with you, because the peace on earth has been entrusted to it, and when it will triumph, the Queen of Peace will be honored.

After saying these words, Our Lady rose up serenely towards Heaven, where She is anxiously waiting for us, like a mother for her children.


La S. Vergine nel messaggio del 1 maggio 1988 dopo averci rammentato in un quadro d’insieme le meraviglie che Dio ha operato per noi, ci invita ad essere perseveranti nel praticare i suoi insegnamenti. Infine, vi è un monito forte contro la perdita della fede, contro le nostre infedeltà al Signore che, strutturate in modo tale da essere un sistema di vita dell’intera società, mettono in pericolo spirituale e materiale l’umanità del quale Dio vuole, invece, l’intero bene.

Afferma la S. Vergine: "Dopo il periodo di pace che concederò al mondo per mezzo del mio Cuore, accadrà che molti si allontaneranno da Dio, si vergogneranno di Lui. Finito il periodo di pace, accadranno molti eventi spiacevoli, per ogni famiglia, per ogni città, per ogni nazione, per il mondo intero. Questo perché molti si adageranno di nuovo e si dimenticheranno di Dio e delle sue leggi. La Chiesa avrà molto da soffrire".

Come conciliare l’idea di un periodo di pace del quale nessuno sembra aver notato gli inizi con un altro periodo ancora grave?

Daremo una spiegazione avvalendoci delle valutazioni di Giovanni Paolo II nell’ottava parte del suo Testamento. Egli afferma che dall’autunno del 1989 per mezzo del Cuore Immacolato di Maria un fermento di pace è stato donato al mondo con la caduta dei regimi atei e comunisti e con la fine della cosiddetta "guerra fredda" senza il violento conflitto nucleare di cui pesava sul mondo il pericolo, cosicché l’ultimo decennio del XX secolo è stato libero dalle precedenti tensioni, sebbene si profilano nuove problematiche ed agitazioni.

A tal proposito la S. Vergine ci ha messo in guardia contro un deterioramento dei valori religiosi per non aver messo a frutto con sincero pentimento la pace seminata da Dio per la sua materna intercessione. Non bisogna, però, dedurre erroneamente che la pace ha una fine, ma che gli uomini vi pongono fine e ne ostacolano il pieno affermarsi nella misura in cui si allontanano da Dio e dalle sue Leggi.

La pace è un dono di Dio attraverso il Cuore Immacolato della S. Vergine, riflesso della perfetta pace di Cristo, venuto ad abitare in mezzo a noi, incarnandosi nel seno di Maria grazie al suo "sì". Verso la piena pace l’umanità dovrebbe avvicinarsi senza indugio e senza pericolosi arresti o deviazioni. La Madre del Cielo vuole aiutarci ad evitare e a rimuovere ciò che si contrappone alla vera e piena pace. Ci invita a non illuderci che la pace sia quella secondo la mentalità del mondo. È Cristo la nostra pace (Ef 2,14). La pace è quella che il Signore Gesù ci ha donato mediante il sangue versato sulla croce (Col 1,20).

S. Paolo stesso afferma tale incompatibilità fra le due idee di pace: "Quando si dirà: "Pace e sicurezza", allora d’improvviso li colpirà la rovina" (1Tess 5,3).

L’apostolo citando liberamente un versetto del Libro del profeta Geremia riassume il senso di un intero brano (Ger 6,1 e ssg.):

"Lasciati correggere, o Gerusalemme, perché io non mi allontani da te e non ti riduca a un deserto, a una regione disabitata [...]. Saranno presi uomini e donne, l’anziano e il decrepito. Le loro case passeranno a stranieri [...]. Perché dal piccolo al grande tutti commettono frode; dal profeta al sacerdote tutti praticano la menzogna. Essi curano la ferita del mio popolo dicendo: "Pace, pace!" ma pace non c’è. (Questa è la traduzione letterale di Ger 6,14 in una nota della Bibbia di Gerusalemme, edizioni Dehoniane, Bologna 1993, pag. 1701.

La pace, shalôm, di cui parla anche la S. Vergine di Belpasso, esprime non solo l’assenza di pericoli esterni, ma tutto un ideale di prosperità individuale e collettiva, nelle buone relazioni con Dio e nell’armonia sociale, ideale che viene realizzato da Cristo Gesù). [...] Fermatevi nelle strade e guardate, informatevi circa i sentieri del passato, dove sta la strada buona e prendetela, così troverete pace per le anime vostre. Ma essi risposero: "Non la prenderemo!" [...]. Ecco, io mando contro questo popolo la sventura, il frutto dei loro pensieri, perché non hanno prestato attenzione alle mie parole e hanno rigettato la mia legge".

Le parole dell’apostolo Paolo e del profeta Geremia riecheggiano nelle parole della S. Vergine di Belpasso quando rivela che famiglie, città, nazioni rischiano di passare per una grande tribolazione, e quando ne enuncia le cause nell’allontanamento da Dio, nella mancata testimonianza dei cristiani e, più in generale per il mondo, nell’assenza del senso di Dio e nell’inosservanza delle Leggi divine inscritte nel cuore dell’uomo.

Per questo la S. Vergine ha promesso di ritornare una volta ancora: per avvisarci e nel frattempo proteggerci.

Contro questo pericolo la Madre di Dio pone il baluardo della consacrazione totale di ogni suo figlio all’amore di Dio, offrendo come modello, protezione e scuola di vita spirituale i Sacri Cuori di Gesù e di Maria, immagini del nuovo Adamo e della novella Eva, modelli dell’umanità dal cuore nuovo. Nella seconda parte si annuncia, infatti, un segno di speranza, di liberazione e di salvaguardia quando invita a orientarci e ad affidarci ai Sacri Cuori di Gesù e di Maria, e a rimanere saldi nella testimonianza del Vangelo: "Ma prima che tutto questo accada ti avvertirò in modo che tu possa dirlo a tutti. Sarà questo il segno tangibile delle mie apparizioni ed è più importante dei segni nel cielo per la sua gravità. Non scoraggiatevi: guardate sempre ai Sacri Cuori di Gesù e di Maria. Che il Santo Vangelo sia nelle vostre menti, sia la vostra parola, ma che soprattutto sia scrittura nei vostri cuori".

A tal fine la B. V. Maria ci vuole formare e indicarci con largo anticipo tempi e modi di tale sacro affidamento, come gesto sponsale con Cristo Gesù di tutta la Chiesa, a cominciare dal suo nucleo più piccolo, la famiglia, giustamente chiamata chiesa domestica. Lo farà con la 33ª apparizione.


Prima che questa avvenisse, Rosario racconta che nel 1995, in un periodo in cui il nostro continente e varie altre parti del mondo erano particolarmente agitati da guerre e tumulti, durante la S. Comunione chiese in preghiera a Gesù: "Signore, perché non fai venire la pace nel mondo, visto che puoi?". Inaspettatamente gli rispose:

"È vero che posso, ma voglio che si riconosca che è frutto del trionfo del Cuore della mia Ss. Madre attraverso la conversione di quelle anime che ostacolano la pace con la loro indifferenza verso me".

In un altro momento di preghiera durante la S. Comunione Gesù gli disse:

"Voglio che si diffonda ancora, si conosca di più e si pratichi maggiormente la devozione al Cuore Immacolato della mia Ss. Madre come atto di culto che conduce al mio Cuore".

Rosario obiettò che la Chiesa riconosce già questo culto. Ed il Signore Gesù rispose:

"È vero che lo riconosce, ma pochi lo praticano offrendo preghiere e sacrifici di riparazione per la conversione dei peccatori, consolando al tempo stesso il Cuore della mia Ss. Madre e così il mio. Questo è il culto che cerco e che desidero".

In un’altra occasione il Signore gli disse durante la S. Comunione: "Vengo a chiedere l’adempimento di quei propositi che ultimamente i successori di Pietro espressero, e cioè che ogni nazione, ogni diocesi, ogni parrocchia e famiglia si consacri al Cuore Immacolato della mia Ss. Madre".

Rosario obiettò che per alcune di queste è stato possibile, ma che era difficile estendere questa consacrazione a ciascuna famiglia. Gli rispose:

"È vero, ma ciò affretterà e consoliderà la pace che io ho affidata al Cuore della mia Ss. Madre, e poi con la mia grazia si può tutto. Confida in me pregando e sacrificandoti per questa intenzione".

(In effetti gli ultimi Pontefici, come Pio XII, Giovanni XXIII, Paolo VI, Giovanni Paolo II hanno ciascuno a loro modo pronunciato o almeno incoraggiato la consacrazione al Cuore Immacolato di Maria. Già Papa Pio XII, ad esempio, nella lettera enciclica Auspicia quaedam del 1 maggio 1948 così dichiarava: "Noi, quasi in rappresentanza dell'umana famiglia da lui redenta, volemmo consacrarla altresì al Cuore immacolato di Maria vergine. Desideriamo pertanto che, qualora l'opportunità lo consigli, si faccia questa consacrazione sia nelle diocesi, sia nelle singole parrocchie e nelle famiglie; e abbiamo fiducia che da questa privata e pubblica consacrazione sgorgheranno abbondanti benefici e celesti favori").

Infine, durante quello stesso anno, Rosario intese queste parole:

"Se non si ascolteranno le mie richieste, nonostante oggi abbiate il seminario pieno, un giorno avrete le parrocchie vuote".

XXXIIIrd apparition

Thursday march 25, 1999 - Annunciation of our Lord



"In the night between 24 and 25 of march 1999, unhappy for the beginning of a new war in Europe(and precisely in Kossovo) I was praying in my room to beg our Lord for peace in the world, through the interception of our Holy Mother.

After few hours, almost asleep, I lay down and fell asleep.

Awoken by the first light of day, got out of bed and, looking around, I found myself on top of a mountain from where I could see the world.

It was there that I saw the Holy Virgin of Belpasso with her Immaculate Heart, the rosary in her right hand and, this time, a little olive branch (which was composed of two varieties) in her left hand. The Holy Virgin said:

"The moment has come to ask the Holy Father to promote, with the help of all Bishops, a special consecration of families to my Immaculate Heart and, through it, to the Sacred Heart of the Lord Jesus, and of the parishes and of all dioceses of the world , following the will expressed by our Lord.

Many souls go along a path which takes them far from God but He, in his infinite mercy wants to save them entrusting them to the cure of my Immaculate Heart. At the beginning there will be obstacles to the fulfilment of this request, but then will be recognized as a bulwark of defense and many souls will be saved. And you must sacrifice and pray a lot for this".

I asked what I had to do and the Holy Virgin answered:

"Write down what our Lord told you and inform your Archbishop and the population about it, but to the last one don’t say you heard it from the Lord".

There followed a moment of silence, after, the Holy Virgin showing the olive twig began again:

"Here is the sign of reconciliation and unity: it is for all humanity that, having been reconciled with the Father for the merits of Jesus Christ, will again find the ties to love and peace in God".

Then, as to hand me the rosary, she continued:

"Here is the sign of prayer: it is for all men who, opening their hearts to God and meditating on his words of eternal life, will give works of charity".

At last, indicating her Heart, said:

"Here is the sign of giving oneself to God: it is for all men who, united in the Eucharistic Sacrifice to Christ’s suffering, comforting the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary offering reparation in favor of the conversion of those who are afflicted by sin".

It was at these words that I saw Jesus crucified and his Sacred Heart and, at its height, as suspended, a chalice surmounted by a host.

An immense light and numerous small flames radiated from the top and surrounded the space around it. In the all the figure of Jesus was projected into the chalice and the host oozed drops of blood and water, filling the chalice which overflowed, were falling on the world, while a powerful voice was saying from on high:

"Salvation and sanctity!".

Then the Holy Virgin said:

"Keep all this secret. After the Jubilee (she was referring to the jubilee of the year 2000), it will be clear to you the moment and the confessor to whom you will speak. Then you will be shown the way to go.




Dunque, il 25 marzo 1999 giunge l’ultima apparizione che la Madre di Dio aveva promesso per avvisare tutti i suoi figli affinché trovassero rimedio e difesa contro le minacce che il maligno trama seducendo molte anime.

La Madre di Dio afferma che è giunto il momento che i suoi figli ritornino al fonte della propria consacrazione battesimale per metterne a frutto le promesse con l’aiuto del suo Cuore Immacolato: attraverso la loro consacrazione anche le anime lontane da Dio saranno fatte partecipi, abbracciate e protette dall’infinita divina misericordia.

Il piano della Madre di Dio comincia dalla chiesa domestica, la famiglia, ma poi vuole abbracciare tutta la Chiesa, coinvolgendo le parrocchie e le diocesi di tutto il mondo. Quindi, tutti i pastori della Chiesa sono chiamati a cooperare e ad assistere spiritualmente secondo anche l’esortazione del Papa: "Un’attenzione speciale, poi, deve essere assicurata alla pastorale della famiglia, tanto più necessaria in un momento storico come il presente..." (Giovanni Paolo II, Novo Millennio Ineunte, 47).

Alla domanda di Rosario sul da farsi, la S. Vergine risponde di informare per iscritto il suo Vescovo riguardo alle comunicazioni del Signore Gesù. Gli ordina pure di informare il popolo di Dio senza però parlare di locuzioni. Lo farà nella terza relazione

Rosario, rivelò tali comunicazioni ai direttori spirituali già dal 1995 e negli anni successivi. Quando nel 1999 la S. Vergine glielo ordinò, le riferì anche al Vescovo della Chiesa di Catania, rinnovandone gli appelli negli anni seguenti e insistendo sulla consacrazione delle famiglie. Nel marzo del 2001, comprendendo che si avvicinava quel pericolo verso cui stava precipitando l’umanità, rivelò al Vescovo pure l’apparizione del 1999 e gli appelli della Madre di Dio. Nel settembre del 2001, come è noto, si è palesata la grande offensiva terroristica e una nuova e più temibile fase di inquietudini e conflitti per il mondo intero.

Come, dunque, la S. Vergine di Belpasso vuole che si realizzi la consacrazione delle famiglie?

La famiglia cristiana, per la grazia dei Sacramenti vissuta in una concreta esperienza di fede e di carità, si pone come segno e riflesso dell’amore Trinitario e come attuazione originale e immagine della Chiesa, tanto da meritare il nome di "chiesa domestica" (cfr. Concilio Vaticano II, Lumen gentium, 11). Partecipa alla vita e alla missione della Chiesa, ricevendo e trasmettendo l'amore di Cristo. Offre a Dio il culto spirituale con la preghiera comune e l'offerta del proprio stare insieme, nella fatica e nel riposo, nella sofferenza e nella gioia, celebrando l'Eucaristia nel giorno del Signore, procedendo insieme nel cammino di fede (Cfr. CEI, La verità vi farà liberi, 1071-72).

Poste queste premesse, la consacrazione della famiglia al Cuore Immacolato della Madre di Dio si propone come valido aiuto a quanti vogliono vivere meglio alla sequela di Cristo Gesù. Imitando le virtù di Maria, discepola perfetta di Cristo, la famiglia consacrata potrà testimoniare l’amore di Dio nella Chiesa e nel mondo.

Si può, perciò, comprendere meglio il senso dei tre segni offerti da Maria: il ramoscello di ulivo formato da due varietà diverse (immagine che ricorda la Lettera ai Romani, 11,17-24, dove S. Paolo parla di un olivo buono e di un oleastro innestato in esso, come simbolo degli ebrei e dei gentili, entrambi beneficiari della riconciliazione con Dio), come segno di unità e riconciliazione tra i popoli nella pace di Dio, in Cristo, da realizzarsi con un percorso di conversione di ciascuno, a cominciare dal proprio nucleo familiare.

La corona del Rosario, è il segno dell’intimità con Dio: rimanendo sempre uniti nella preghiera in famiglia, in comunione con il Signore, specialmente mediante il S. Rosario, meditando sulla sua Parola, ci si conforma sempre più ai voleri e alla perfezione di Dio e si diventa autentici testimoni dell’amore Trinitario, prima in famiglia e poi per le strade del mondo.

Il Cuore stesso di Maria, che offrendo al mondo il suo Figlio crocifisso ha come offerto se stessa in sacrificio, ricevendo una spirituale spada di sofferenza, è un segno per noi, e si attualizza e rinnova ogni giorno con la nostra compartecipazione al sacrificio di Gesù nella Comunione eucaristica, unendovi le nostre preghiere, buone azioni, sofferenze, ecc., per realizzare il mistero della Redenzione per quanti ancora sono lontani da Dio ma sempre amati da Lui.

In questo è racchiuso il segreto della salvezza e santità dell’umanità, proclamata da una voce forte (il Padre), e come vuol significare la visione di Gesù crocifisso che tutto si proietta nel Sacrificio eucaristico, i cui benefici si riversano sul mondo intero (il calice traboccante), e come sembrano simboleggiare quelle fiammelle che avvolgono tutto lo spazio intorno (lo Spirito Santo Amore che riempie di sé tutto il creato).

Noi siamo uniti e cooperiamo a tutto questo nella misura in cui rispondiamo alla chiamata a ritornare a Dio, a riscoprire la nostra consacrazione battesimale che affidata devotamente all’Immacolato Cuore di Maria, Regina della Pace, si perfeziona nello spirito di penitenza, nella vita di preghiera e nello slancio missionario di riparazione dei danni causati dal peccato, per la pace nostra, dell’umana società e del mondo poiché si traduce in amore che si dona e che prolifera tra i fratelli soprattutto fra quelli più lontani e più traviati, per il bene di tutta l’umanità e di tutto il creato.