May 11, 1991. First report of Rosario Toscano.


My dear pilgrims, no other day is more suitable than this May 11 - the fifth anniversary of the first apparition of the Blessed Mother on this rock - to transmit to you and the other brothers who are not present the maternal invitation of the Queen of Peace.

In light of the words the Blessed Virgin told me in her last apparition of May 1, 1988 ("My Immaculate Heart will always be with you"), I am more certain than ever to respond in full to the wishes of the Holy Virgin. I therefore ask you your individual, thorough attention to what I must tell you.

On June 18, 1986, the Blessed Mother told me: "I am the Queen of Peace, and I want to reveal my love to the world. My heart is in great suffering, and to make the Immaculate Heart of the Queen of Peace known Iíll make use of your help."

Well, today I intend to outline fully and clearly this mission, which is not only for me, but also for everyone, for all those who wish to put themselves at the service of the Holy Virgin. Everyone knows of the devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, but no one has meditated deeply on the enormous meaning of the mission which God has entrusted to this sublime devotion: peace.

St. Louis-Marie de Montfort said: "If then, as is certain, the knowledge and the kingdom of Jesus Christ are to come into the world, they will be but a necessary consequence of the knowledge and the kingdom of the most holy Virgin Mary".

My dear pilgrims, the advent of this reign is the period of peace, which Mary has promised, and which is still to come. For this reason, the Queen of Peace insists so that the cult of her Immaculate Heart is always more known. Not in the way of simple knowledge of this devotion, but in the way of the engagement that, as true Christians, we must make in this regard.

This engagement consists in the building of this era of peace promised by Mary. In fact, if we wait for the advent of the era of peace without the firm intention to work with zeal for it, weíll commit a great mistake. In the same way, if we pretend to build it with our simple and limited forces, taking away its spirituality, and not confiding in God, the author of every good, it will not be realizable.

This peace is a promise, a project that God has entrusted to Mary. Therefore, no one could obtain peace without her intercession.

This is the mission we have been called to today.

It is not possible to demand that peace reign without our conversion. We mustnít give responsibility to the great and the powerful, which the Lord considers as nothing; we must attract with our good actions the mercy of God, respecting his Commandments. So letís receive, as true children, the maternal counseling which the Holy Virgin has given us in her messages.

It is for Peace that She still asks us to practice Confession, Communion and the recitation of the Holy Rosary every first Saturday of the month. They are powerful means to defeat the evil that lies in our hearts and in those of others. But when Our Lady asked this pious practice, at the end of the message She added: "Prayer, penance, atonement".

This means that we cannot fulfill the wishes of Mary mechanically. She invites us to give her our hearts, to take them to God. We must plunge into intimate, confident and heartfelt prayer. We must understand that, before we convert sinners, we must convert ourselves though penance, sacrifice and mortification, offered every day in reparation for sins, which pierce the Heart of our most Holy Mother.

Let us not forget to be Christians who work through charity. Love our neighbor, help him, give him relief, and give all, all to the others. Letís forget grudges, prejudice, and letís not look at sinners, at the non-believers with indifference and disdain. In the eyes of Our Lord we are all the same, we are all his children; we are all brothers and sisters. Letís not close ourselves in our own egoism: to overcome it, letís look at the Heart of our most tender Mother. Her deeply loved Son was crucified for us: and yet She loves us just the same, She loves us as though each of us is her only child. So each of us must put this mission into action every day of his life, remembering we are engaged Christians who work through charity.

But we should not believe that all this is being imposed on us an obligation. It is a way to live in harmony with Our Lord and his creatures.

For this reason the Holy Virgin, in her heavenly, maternal love, has asked for the construction of a chapel, so that in the meeting with Jesus going this way is easier, and so that the chapel becomes a reference point, a school in which one learns how to live in the imitation of Mary: a source of grace, a place of protection against the evils of the world, a place where, on behalf of Mary, walking with Mary, one reaches Jesus. And what then are the marvelous signs of this celestial, maternal love? They are the things said in the messages, which are being realized a little at a time.

On November 23, 1986, the Blessed Virgin said: "I would like Russia to convert", and added, "which will soon take place!" And here the dawn of hope appears on the horizon, as promised three years ago. In the message of September 1, 1987, She says: "You must mortify yourself to avoid war in the world." And here, on the horizon of our history, arrives the menacing Gulf War, which we didnít know how to avoid, not listening to the warning of the Holy Virgin. The clouds have now passed, and even if the damage which has been left and those to come are not negligible, our Heavenly Mother tells us in the message of October 1, 1987: "If you listen to my maternal counsel, there will be a period of peace, and only prayers will be the purification of your hearts."

Therefore, from what Our Lady says and from what I know of the ten secrets that She has given me, I can tell you that peace is near, the period the peace is close at hand: but it also depends on us. Letís draw divine mercy upon us, and not keep away the attention of the Lord with our indifference.

Letís pray, letís pray a lot, so that the evil committed by humanity, which is turned against humanity itself, is mitigated with our radical conversion. We must take advantage of the period of peace to make the good bloom again in the world as much as possible. But our dear Mother knows the weakness of mankind: She knows - and She said so in the last apparition - that, after the period of grace, mankind will turn away from God and will be ashamed of Him. This will cause unpleasant events, which regard everyone, not in a general way, but in a particular way. The Blessed Virgin then added:

"The Church will suffer very much".

Many have asked themselves whether these disagreeable events are to be very sorrowful. Just know that I cried for weeks, and maybe I wouldnít have peace any more if the Heart of our Mother hadnít consoled me, and the Grace of Our Lord hadnít assisted me".

Now Iím full of hope in the goodness of the Lord. In fact, the Lord doesnít intend to terrify his children, but only put them on their guard. Just think of Our Lady girded by a white sash: itís a symbol that means we must always be ready.

The Lord never abandons his creatures; his love for them is illimitable. When the world is afflicted by unpleasant events near their point of culmination, a lighthouse will shine in the night: the seventh secret. About which the Queen of Peace has stated: "it will be replaced by another event, which will be pleasing for all the people of God scattered all over the earth". In fact, Our Lady has stated that She will appear once again, and not only will She warn everybody, through me, before all this occurs, but She will come to protect us and encourage us when the trial is tougher, making me reveal the seventh secret, the secret of Mercy. However, this still looks so far, that weíd better recall Jesusí words in the Gospel: "There is no need to add to the troubles each day brings".

Iíve told you all this only to inform you, to make you aware and participate in the many things that is your right to know, and to invite you to the job of spreading this news, because it is good that these things are known by more people, and that more people will start to be converted. We have the honor and the duty to be children of Mary. Honor, because our mission will fill us with holy pride, but also duty, because of the grave responsibility. Letís go, therefore, with the mandate, which once Mary gave us. "Today you are called for a particular job that God, in his mercy, has wanted to entrust to you." And immediately She added: "Be thankful, but do not grow proud, because God did not chose the best, but the meekest to his Spirit."

So letís act with humility, with love and without pride, and letís pray: "We beseech you, grant us not justice, but mercy, o Immaculate Heart of Mary, Queen of Peace".

I greet you, my Queen, all the world kneels to you. You have illuminated the entire world with the Fruit you have brought. I greet you, my Queen, I greet you with the Hail Mary."

Rosario Toscano.

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